Monday, March 2, 2009



Yes, I have been missing in Blogland this week. I have been here, getting orders sent out, working on my Tea Swap and my PIF’s. Things I have not been able to show you because all of you read this and it would ruin your surprise. So…. What I am going to do is show you what I have gotten in the last 10 days or so. (It has been a lot! (Bad Janie, Bad)!

Up for today…

The New Accuquilt Go Cutter…

How sweet is this?

You open it up, lay you fabric on the die, cover it with the plastic, crank the crack and roll the die through AND

Look what you get, beautiful 5 inch squares.

I also have a multi-die and can cut 2 ½ squares.

I do not intend to offer this as a service; this is for poor Janie, who is starting to have trouble with her old eyes. If you would like to have your squares cut for you please go to Jackie at Canton Village Quilt Works. She will have your quilt cut, presto changeo!
See you tomorrow with another purchase!


  1. Good for you how fun! Now if they could invent an automatic needle threader or should I just hire someone?

  2. I've seen these beauties around blogland and am quite intrigued. Enjoy!

  3. Hi Jane, Isn't the go great! I saw that at market and knew that I had to have the bigger one. Tee Hee!! I am so in love with mine. Thank you for the public service announcement, it is much appreciated.

  4. ooooh, lucky you! what a fabulous helper...will you get more dies to do different shapes and things? where did you find yours? congrats!

  5. Now that is a great purchase...I'm also wondering if you can cut other shapes like circles or hexagons if you purchase the proper accessories?

  6. Oh great Jane!!! I just LOVE to
    watch other people spend money!!
    Can't wait to see your next purchase!!

  7. Hi Jane,
    This is just wonderful. Do you know if there is a die for hexagons? Can't wait to see your next purchase!

  8. How amazing is that.....and how fun. So have fun playing with your new toy.....I am coveting as we speak.

  9. I've heard of these and there is a local lady with a lot of different dies like leaf shapes, spools, diamonds etc. I think it's about $9 per meter for her to cut your fabric, so way too expensive for me. Everything here is more expensive than the States, but it's probably relative to our wages and other expenses, I guess.

    What a great stash-busting tool. Hope you have a lot of fun with it!


    PS Don't mind word verification or comment moderation - better than junk mail!

  10. Oh Jane - I have drooled over those! Good for you!! I think you can get all kinds of templates for cutting on them, too!
    Have lots of fun with this great toy!

  11. Oh come on!!! Just a little hint?? Everyone is doing it!! (c:

  12. I wish I was there in person for a demo. This is such a fun gadget. You'll get good use out of it.

  13. I didn't realise such devices existed - you could have lots of fun with one of those. Cutting is my least favourite part of the quilting process.

  14. OH JANE!! I'm green with envy!!!
    How do you like it??

    You'll have to tell me if it's worth it's weight!!


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