Thursday, February 20, 2014


I know to many of you it is no secret that I love pink!  but, you may not have known that my favorite, hands down holiday is the 4th of July.  My family always makes sure that their calendar is clear for our day! 
So I decided to make my Hexies, Red White and Blue.

Now, I know my friend Elaine is having a wonderful time in Florida and I could go visit her except for the whole flying thing!!  So I will just keep making these until she returns in May and show me how to put the silly things together!
Have a wonderful weekend and do something you love.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

I've Been Farming!

These past few days I made several more Farmer's Wife Blocks.
They are so much fun and addicting!
I cannot wait until March for the next pattern.
It is never too late to join.
Just click the button on my side-bar.
And now, a parade

#1 Attic Windows

#12 Broken Sugar Bowl

#16 Calico Puzzle

#20 Churn Dash

#21 Contrary Wife

#41 Friendship Star

#54 Kitchen Woodbox

#55 Linoleum 

#68 Postage Stamp

#80 Single Wedding Star

I made a little collage of the finished blocks. It is nice way to view the blocks. It gives me an idea of what colors are lacking.
Crazy for me to say but I think I need more pink!

Happy Sewing!

Friday, February 14, 2014


When my girls were little my Mother-in-Law would send them a Valentine Crad with a little cash tucked inside. Mind you we lived close but she enjoyed sending cards. My girls loved receiving those cards.
I was going through some drawers last week and found this...

It was a small box that I had saved. It had been my MIL's.
Look what was inside!

Her cards!  I just did not have the heart to part with them. She was such a kind lady.

Take a peek at these...

Remember Dennis the Menace!

Now on to some quilting news.  I finished my pink, grey and lime top.  It is now in the 
WIP pile and may be moved to the UFO pile!

I am working on, hexies, college quilt, coral quilt, and Farmer's Wife Blocks.
I love to have several WIP projects going!

Enjoy your weekend and do something you love.   

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Zipper Pouch

When my girls were little they had a "church purse". It was brought to church and they could look at it during the Homily.  They also brought it to restaurants.  It contained, little pencils, paper, little stamps, Holy Cards, small sticker books.  Just enough to keep them entertained.
So, I thought I would make some for the grand-babies.

This young lady has the best tutorials!!
I used her's when I made my hexie pillow and now this one "How to Make a Zipper Pouch".

This first pouch took two hours! I am a slow learning!!  The second took 20 minutes!

Here they are....

For the rest of the weekend I will be cutting Farmer's Wife Blocks.

See I have the fabrics picked out for several blocks.

Of course it is snowing!!!  Oh well.

Off to cut.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Friday, February 7, 2014

I had to get out of the house!!

Snow, snow, snow, single degree temperatures, wind chill below zero, and more snow on the way!
I was started to go stir crazy!  Is this what cabin fever was?
I think I had it. I did not even what to sew!! 
 Perish the thought. 
I needed air!!

So,  out I went and what a better place to get air than in a fabric store!!!
This is what I picked up...
One yard or ruler fabric ( flipped upside down, oops)
One yard of crayon fabric
One yard of interfacing
Three 7 inch zippers

Now I feel so much better. 
Let the snow come I have plans for this weekend.  
The last time I put in a zipper was 20-25 years ago!!

 Hope to show you what I made in the beginning of next week.

Have a wonderful weekend and do something you love.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

A Few More

I am hooked!  I love making these little Farmers Wife Blocks!
I love Karen's Pattern. Not only does she give you the measurements for the blocks, she also gives you tips. With my eyes the idea of templates was not going to work for me, but this works!

Let's see...
I bought her patterns  HERE
I joined this flickr group  HERE
This flickr group HERE
This yahoo group HERE
(they have the patterns in a paper piecing format, if you want to make them that way)

My latest blocks.

#2 Autumn Tints

 #73 Rainbow Flowers

 #92 Streak of Lightning

Yep, I am hooked!

I have some new fabrics in my stores if you want to take a peek.
Links on my side-bar

Happy Sewing!

Monday, February 3, 2014

What I did this Wekkend

This is what I did this weekend. I started a new project and actually finished it!
How could Grandma not remember to make Little Miss a quilt for her dolls? I guess we have so many here that she uses that I forgot about her house!  So on Friday I took out all my pink fabrics, go figure, her favorite color is pink too!

Using my go cutter I cut out 3 1/2 inch squares.

I even fussy cut a few.

Laid them out in a pleasing pattern.


went to the machine to make the top.

Next up, I layered it, pinned it, and used Presencia Thread to tie it in all the corners.

I decided to pull the backing to the front for the binding and used the machine to sew it down.  I wanted this to last and hand sewing the back did not seem to be a viable option.

The backing is a pink glitter fairy fabric.

Of course a pillow to match. 

It was all ready and waiting for her when she arrived today.

Did she like it?
Oh yes! 
The baby, pillow and a care bear were put into her stroller, covered up and pushed all around the house.

When Mom came home at lunch it was put into a bag and off to it's new home.

What did you do this weekend?