Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Something was missing......

My quilters palette blocks were laid out.

I arranged them...

But, something was missing?
I knew it was not purple, because that is not a color I enjoy.

It was ORANGE!!

So, I made two orange blocks and now I like how it looks.

Next white Kona sashing.

I also felt guilty because the Civil War Binder kept staring at me, so I did make a few of those too.

I know, I picked easy ones! but hey, they all have to get done right?

Happy sewing


Friday, February 24, 2012

A Few Things....

Just a few things to show you today.
Yes, I did a little shopping.
This is my new favorite fabric. Half Moon Modern.
You can get it here at Quilt Taffy.

Also, I am just a little obsessed with Kei Kerchief Girls! I check just about everyday and when I see them, I buy them.

I have some fun plans for this new baby! I will show you later.

Not sure about you but I seem to have trouble with light. Yes, I can never have enough! These darn old eyes of mine!!
For years, I used this type of light. It worked for me but it radiates a lot of heat.
Then I tried this light..
Kept hitting my head (how silly am I)

Now, (yes Elaine, I took your advice)  I have this light. Bright, does not radiate heat, and I do not hit my head!!  All good things.

Have a wonderful weekend, snow here, perfect for sledding and snowmen building!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Pinned and Pink

I have been busy the last few days.
I have pinned (no, not pinterest) my Sparkle Quilt.
She is ready to be hand quilted.
You will not see her for a few months!

I also made three pink blocks for my quilter's palette quilt.


I was able to add more pink scraps to my vase!

Here are my quilters palette blocks.
A rainbow of color.

I plan on making a large block for the back. I am going to do a row of each color for one larger block.
Sashing, white Kona. I like cornerstones but with my eyes they NEVER match, so I will not be adding that part.  I also need to decide if I want a border or want it to flow? What do you think?

Well, I am off to try to make a wonky tree for my swap. It is a paper pieced pattern that I drew.
We shall see!!

Happy Sewing!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Aqua and Flimsy.....

Well, I set out to accomplish quite a bit this week. However, yes, it is true, I did not get it all finished.
I discovered something I should have never found...
Yes, I have been turned to the dark fun side!

BUT this is what I have accomplished.


Three blocks for my quilters palette quilt.


I did finish my string quilt top. I was very lucky to notice a seam loose when I held it up to the light! I mean, there is nothing worse than having a quilt sandwiched and ready to quilt and discovering a missed seam!

Future plans...
Sandwich string quilt...

Sandwich Sparkle Plenty...
(After I fix the corners that are making me crazy. Thought I could let it go, Noooo)

AND, oh yes, cutting the color I have been saving for last!


Happy Sewing!


Saturday, February 11, 2012

Green and......

Green went super fast!! I guess I did not have that much green in my stash, so cutting was a breeze.

Now, blue/aqua.  This will take a while as I have a lot of this color.
I think I will make three of these blocks.

In the meantime I have pulled out a few UFOs.

My string quilt!

I would love to get this done for the summer. What a perfect quilt for the grandbabies to play on as we watch Maggie play softball.

I also took out my Civil War blocks.
 I sooo need to work on these; at least once in a while!!

So, this is what the up-coming week has in store for me.

I hope you accomplish a lot too!

Happy Sewing!

Thursday, February 9, 2012


Well, I finished up my BLACK blocks for my quilters palette quilt.

Next up...


I also made a pillowcase for Little T.  As I was blog reading I commented on Robins blog about how cute I thought her dinosaur fabric was and if she knew the company who made the fabric. Lo and behold it arrived at my home!!
Thank you so much Robin!


Happy Sewing!

Sunday, February 5, 2012



Yes, today is all about Red! 
Here are my red blocks for the Quilters Palette Quilt.

Speaking of Red, here is my latest redwork for my Winter Wonderland Quilt.
It will be a while until I show more as the last three are the largest. I am sure my hubby will be glad when I am done as he is my tracer!! These eyes just cannot do it justice; and because he is a dentist he has great fine motor skills.

Next ...


Our Little Man at Beauty and the Beast 3D...

Our Little Missy with her new dolly, made by Great Grandma and saved by my daughter for years. All my girls asked their Grammy to make extra "Suzie's" and "Sam's" for their children. She is smiling down on  her great-grandbabies.

Happy Sewing!!