Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Here they come.....

Oh My!!!
The Rainbow Quilt Blocks are starting to come in!!
This is so exciting.
Here is Kaaren’s Block
Section 2 Dark Blue Antique Tile

Love it!

Also, Vanessa’s Block
Section 5 Dark Blue Calico Puzzle

Love how the color changes with the light.
Thanks Girls!!

Thank you.....

What a wonderful surprise I received in the mail yesterday.
Stephanie form Loft Creations
Sent me two, yes two,
Of her darling flannel burp cloths. She knew I was a first time Grandma and thought I might enjoy them
Enjoy, is not the word!
I love them so much!
They are bright, fun, cute, thick and oh so soft.
If you are lucky you have gotten something flannel from Stephanie. I have one of her pillowcases and love it.
She uses top of the line materials and her work is impeccable. Go to her etsy shop and take a peek, you will be glad you did.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart, I love them so!!

Monday, March 30, 2009

What a Honey!!!!

Look at this little beauty…
I have no idea why but about every 8 months or so I need a new iron! I have tried them all.
Even the one that starts with an R; which did not last as long the less expensive ones. Usually it takes me an hour to choose an iron. BUT,
today I had my daughter with me and she said
”Look Mom, a PINK ONE ".
This one is a honey!!
I love it!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Giveaway Winners...

The winners have been chosen and the emails sent. I would like to thank

Terri from Sew Fantastic for hosting the giveaway.

The winners are:

Tins and Treasures

The Quilted Pomograntate

Gene Black an Alabama Artist

Thank you to everyone who played and congratulations to the three lucky winners!

Look What I Found!!!!

I was going through


my boxes of scraps and look what I found!!


Thursday, March 26, 2009

Do you know of....

I would like to make a wall-hanging for my Little T. I would like it to have embroidered vehicles. Such as a red fire engine, a yellow bulldozer, black and white police car, dump truck, crane, ambulance etc. I was hoping for about 12 vehicles. Now here is the problem, I do not own an embroidery sewing machine. I would love to purchase these and of course would love to get them from Blogland. Do you or do you know anyone that might be able to do this for me? I would be grateful for any help. THANK YOU !

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Don't forget about my giveaway over at Terri's blog Sew Fantastic!!

I really mean it........

I promise, cross my heart, fingers and toes...

This is the block

It will not change

One down

17 to go!!!!!

Thank You Kaaren!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Sometimes when I sew on the machine, I do not turn on the TV, because I will not get enough work done. So, my mind wanders, here was today's wandering...

I was working on my Rainbow Swap Blocks and was wishing my fabric was wider, then I wandered to when fabric was 36 inches wide, wander more, when did it change? wander more, why did it change? wander more, and for pete's sack why 44-45? why not 46? or even 50? I am going back and turn on the TV!!!!!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

I am having a Giveaway....

Yep!! It is true.

I am having a giveaway.

Terri at Sew Fantastic

is hosting it for me. So, if you want in, and I am sure you do, there are three prizes, go visit Terri to see the goodies.

leaving a comment here


enter you in the giveaway.

Visit Terri, she has a wonderful blog, I posted about her before. She is kind, fun and a wonderful girl.

Spring is in the air,

Hop over to Terri's and enter to win!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Dear Friends.......

Oh my dear friends, how I love to receive your comments!!


I also love to answer them!

If you are a no-reply, I cannot

Some of you may think your email will show up on the comment.

It will not.

It will show up on the email I receive, so then I can answer you and you do not think you are being ignored.

You could enter many more giveaways if you just follow these simply steps.


I am having a giveaway starting Monday

Step one--- Go to the top of your blog hit Customize

Step two---Hit Dashboard

Step Three--- Hit edit profile

Step Four---Check show my email

Step Five---Hit save profile

Step six ---Start to receive answers to your wonderful comments that we all love to receive..

" Happy Saturday"

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Red Anyone.......

Last October when I was at a quilt show, I picked up this panel.

Now that I know we have a grandson, I am ready to start this quilt. So, I went and bought some cute ribbon to fuse , a cute little boy, and markers to color all the pictures.

For some reason, I thought there were pictures on the panel as you can see there are not.

Do you think it would look good if I added dots of colors, swirls, zigzags or bubbles? Any advice on this matter would be greatly appreciated!

Now on to the fabric, I love pink but I also love red. I thought, what a great idea, graphic in the middle with an improve block of red. Wait, I really only have red floral, and floral for a boy, I do not think I want to do that, soooo….

Is anyone up for a fat quarter swap? I will swap you my 1930’s Reproduction fat quarters for any red fat quarters you think would work for a boy. If anyone would like to do this just send me an email at….

Pnkcndy at sbcglobal dot net

Thank you,
Little T and I would be grateful!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Happy Birthday......

25 years ago, my oldest daughter (then 2 1/2) and I were watching The St. Patrick’s Day Parade on TV; 25 years ago, it was on a Saturday. I was pregnant with child number two. Somewhere around 11:00 AM, I felt a little "funny” nothing much just "funny". You see Daddy is a dentist, so we were called Saturday morning widows. (Nice, Huh?)
Daddy came home around 1;30 PM, we got ready and drove the 45 minutes to his folks house so Grammy and Grampy could watch #one while we went to the movies. Of course, it started to snow, not snow, BUT SNOW. I still felt funny but we went to the movie anyway. While in the movie the contractions started, they were about 8 minutes apart. I informed my husband and because #one took 27 hours, his answer” Can’t we stay and see the end?" that is what a man says to a woman in labor , with contractions, in a movie theater ,in a snow storm, 45 minutes away from the hospital!! Well, We did stay and we saw the end of "Splash"!!
Got back to his parents, asked if #one could sleep over and #two was born March 18th at 4:25 AM
Happy 25 Birthday Sweetie
We love you very much!
Love, Mom & Dad.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

St. Patty's Day

A lovely and happy St. Patty's Day to you all!!

Monday, March 16, 2009

OK, But .......

OK but just one more section

on to section 5

this is open to


even if you are in another section and want to play again

but hurry

REALLY this is all I can handle

Thank you so much for the overwhelming response.

what fun!!!


My color for the Rainbow swap is Maroon, I had no idea it would be hard to find. To purple, to pink, to red, but after much searching, I think I came up with some fabric that will work. I like it and hope you will like it too!!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

A Giveaway.....

There is a super giveaway

be held at

Simply This ,That and The Other

and I mean super!!

Go take a peek ONLY if you want to!!!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Rainbow Quilt Block Swap Up-Date

Hi, I just wanted to let you know that I can only manage 4 sections in this Swap; I have 3 spots left in section 4, so please if you want to play now is the time.

I so want anyone who wants or is thinking about playing to get a space. Thank you and please keep those block names coming

(section one!) LOL

Catch Up.....

I have been so busy with my Rainbow Swap and Little T that my fabric purchases have been pilling up. Grab a cup of “something” here we go……

100 Feed-Sack squares from Glenna, Yes, I want to marry them!!! Sorry, I cannot open this beautiful bundle yet!

Ayumills from Pink Penguin has been very busy making potholders and coasters.

I just could not resist!!

And she even sent me some goodies. She is a sweetheart and her work is perfection!

I have to stop blog hopping (as if that will really happen) because every time I see fabric I like, I have to get it. These two fabrics are from Alexander Henry

April showers in Chocolate and
May Flowers in Pink/Chocolate

And these Japanese fabrics from Pink Chalk Fabrics
Bright Orange…

Just plain cute…

Now, look at what I won!!

Terri at Sew-Fantastic, will host a giveaway for you.

I won the giveaway she was hosting for

Fabric Supplies

This is what they call a scrap-bag!!

Most of the pieces are over 1/4 of a yard.

Terri is going to host a giveaway for me later this month, so keep checking her blog for mine and other giveaways. Thanks Terri and Fabric Supplies.

that the next fabric you see will be my Maroon Fabrics for the Rainbow Quilt Block swap, and then again, you can never tell!!!!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Rainbow Quilt Block Swap Up-Date

Hi Everyone!!!

Just a little note to keep you up-dated on the

Rainbow Quilt Block Swap

At this point I am starting section 3.

I will only be able to handle 4 sections so if you were thinking of signing up

you might what to so over the weekend.

Also, girls, I need your block choice as I already have some gals working!!

Have a happy weekend!!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Just a quick note.....

Just a quick note to let you know that one of the gals that signed up to be in the Rainbow Block Swap, did not have a blog; so guess what!!??, she made one!!!. Please stop by and say Welcome and Hi to Nann. How fun to have a new friend!

Time for Tea Swap

My “Time for Tea Swap” package arrived today. My partner was Suzie. How exciting to open a box and see this waiting for me.

Look at all the goodies!!!

How so very thoughtful of Suzie to change my theme to coffee for I do not drink tea.
Another thing that makes this so special is that I cannot appliqué and Suzie does beautiful work. Look at this wonderful wall hanging.

How sweet is that and I love the fabric she used, this is the back…

There was a coffee cup cozy, of which I have none and need, some darling coasters and a Ladybug for good luck.

No, that is not all there was; there was some wonderful chocolate coffee candy and a recipe for coffee muffins that I cannot wait to try. What a kind swap. All the time, thought and effort Suzie put into my swap is so very much appreciated. Thank you again Suzie, I love it all!!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Our little piece of Heaven.....

I would like to introduce you to our piece of heaven on earth
Little T

A Rainbow Swap.....

Sorry, this swap is now closed.

A Rainbow Block swap…

This is a long post and if you wish to participate, I am so sorry but you MUST read all of the details.
I have always wanted to make a rainbow sampler quilt, but my skill level has never allowed this to happen. So how about a Rainbow Sampler Quilt Swap?

First and foremost I must thank Jen from ReannaLily Designs for this idea. Her swaps are full and she has allowed me to continue her idea. Drop by her blog and see all the wonderful things she has to offer.

Now, on to the swap; I would like to be the hostess for this Centralized Quit Block swap.
A centralized swap is one where you mail all 9 of your blocks to me, then I swap them out and mail them (8 others + one of your own blocks) back to you in your PROVIDED self-addressed stamped envelope. You should take your finished blocks to the Post Office without sealing the package. Have them weigh your bundle and buy that amount of postage, (plus $.25 extra because postal coasts go up again in May), and put the postage on your return envelope. Place that envelope in with the blocks and send it to me.

International players are more than welcome to join. The best way to ship would be for me to ship back to you and bill you for the postage cost from Paypal.

Jane Remus
710 Timbers Trail
Saint Charles, IL
60174 USA

The swap is a Rainbow Sampler.

1. Maroon

2. Red

3. Orange

4. Yellow

5. Light Green

6. Dark Green

7. Light blue

8. Dark Blue

9. Purple

The Details: You pick the color you want to work with, from the pallet pictured above, and a block of your choice. Quilt Blocks Galore has hundreds of block to look at and get ideas from but feel free to be as creative as you wish. This is the block I am going to make HERE I will let you ladies choose your colors first, and I will use the color that has not been picked. Your colors can be patterned or solid, as long as your blocks "read" monochromatic and MUST be white or tone on tone white. Then you make 9 identical (the blocks may be different fabrics, just as long as they read your color selection) monochromatic blocks. The blocks should measure 12.5” square, so that they will be 12” inches finished for your new quilt. The foreground color should be the color you selected and the background color should be white or tone on tone white. Please use 100% quilt shop quality cotton fabrics. Also, place a name-tag pinned or a sticker to the back of EACH of your blocks, so the recipient will know who has generously swapped. Name-tags should have your first name, city and state/province/country, you may also wish to share you blog address. You can then decide if you wish to add then to the front of your quilt.
The swap is designed for 9 total players per section. If we have more than 9, I will open up a second section. I will be linking all the players in the side bar of my blog, so even if you see 18 or 27 names, you are only making 9 blocks.

Skill Level: Since you get to pick whatever block you like- it is a good swap for all skill levels. If you are a quilting master, sure pick something with a lot of triangles. If you are a beginner, go with some kind of modified 9-patch block. The sky and your imagination are the only limits!

Sign Up: Email me pnkcndy at sbcglobal dot net or post a comment with your color choice (by number) and block choice. If someone has already chosen a color you desire, please choose a different one. That way we’ll still get the rainbow effect per section. Please check the side bar where I've listed the Swap sections to see what’s available. There will be 2 weeks to sign up. Sign ups close March 23rd .

Time Line: There will be 6 weeks to finish the 9 blocks. Blocks need to be in the mail by May 1st. I will swap them as soon as each section is received and drop them back in the mail as quickly as possible. I hope that all blocks will be sent and received in a timely manner so we can start our Rainbow Quilt in May.

Is that enough to digest in one day?

So, think……
1. Do I want to play?
2. What color would I like?
3. What block would I like to do?
4. Grab the button for your side bar, and link it to this post.

5. Email me with any question or concerns
6. Let the fun begin!!!!!