Thursday, March 19, 2009

Red Anyone.......

Last October when I was at a quilt show, I picked up this panel.

Now that I know we have a grandson, I am ready to start this quilt. So, I went and bought some cute ribbon to fuse , a cute little boy, and markers to color all the pictures.

For some reason, I thought there were pictures on the panel as you can see there are not.

Do you think it would look good if I added dots of colors, swirls, zigzags or bubbles? Any advice on this matter would be greatly appreciated!

Now on to the fabric, I love pink but I also love red. I thought, what a great idea, graphic in the middle with an improve block of red. Wait, I really only have red floral, and floral for a boy, I do not think I want to do that, soooo….

Is anyone up for a fat quarter swap? I will swap you my 1930’s Reproduction fat quarters for any red fat quarters you think would work for a boy. If anyone would like to do this just send me an email at….

Pnkcndy at sbcglobal dot net

Thank you,
Little T and I would be grateful!!


  1. Jane, if you can wait... I´ll put some vintage red and white German fabric - which is suitable for a boy!!! - into the envelope with my rainbow "uneven stars". They are already in the making, and great fun. I hope the others in section four will like them... (Can you correct my name in the sidebar, please?) Have a great weekend, spring has finally arrived here!

  2. I love the pre-print panel you are going to use. What if you use a fun colorful varigated thread to machine quilt inside those blocks to add color?

  3. Hi Jane--

    Thanks for checking in at the blog! Glad you enjoyed the rickrack.

    I know you're loving having that little fellow around! Our 5 yr old grandson was over yesterday. They are so precious. Real gifts from Heaven.

    Keep in touch---

  4. Jane - I think adding swirls and dots, etc would be fantastic - the fabric is great, but you're right - it needs some color! I have an enormous stash of red and white fat quarters, but I think they are all too girlie! I'll check, though, and if I find any will let you know!

  5. adding swirls and dots would be good...but have you thought about buying some fabric watercolor pencils (i got the idea from candace who recommended them to me to color the stitchery i got in the tea swap) and just highlighting the words with different colors? that might look good, too...or lightly coloring over the words (like draw an imaginary box around each quote and color in the box) very lightly with crayons? then you turn it over on a paper towel and iron to set the crayon? sorry i can't help you on the red...

  6. p.s. *swoon* on all the sweet grandma sayings...☺

  7. Hi Jane,
    I agree, it needs some color. I know you are going to have such a fun time making this for him. Can't wait to see the quilt when it is done.

  8. Jane, one of the fabrics I got from you is red with dogs on it. Perfect little boy material! It was one of your reproductions fabrics. There is also a red/blue/white sort of plad material. I love the idea of adding the swirls!

  9. I also think you should add some color with swirls, dots, (or even stars are more masculine). How fun that you now have baby and little boy quilts to make!

  10. i'll look for some reds when i get home....i'm lovin the 1930 repros right now so it would be a perfect swap!

  11. I cannot wait to see this quilt! My son's favorite color is RED and we just bought him a red and white checked quilt for his room (I don't know how to quilt - I wish I did though). It is near impossible to find a quilt without flowers or some feminine touch though.

  12. This is going to be really cute. I think you're on the right idea.

  13. The wordings on the panel are really sweet. It would make a wonderful quilt :)


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