Sunday, March 22, 2009

I am having a Giveaway....

Yep!! It is true.

I am having a giveaway.

Terri at Sew Fantastic

is hosting it for me. So, if you want in, and I am sure you do, there are three prizes, go visit Terri to see the goodies.

leaving a comment here


enter you in the giveaway.

Visit Terri, she has a wonderful blog, I posted about her before. She is kind, fun and a wonderful girl.

Spring is in the air,

Hop over to Terri's and enter to win!


  1. Hi Jane, Thanks for the link! I am definitely going to visit her blog.

  2. I don't have to go over to Terri's to see what the prizes are to know that they will be fabulous and generous! Thanks so much Jane for giving us the chance to win wonderful stuff!

    Now I'm on my know where...Terri's!


  3. On my way over to Terri's...thank you Jane..
    Julia ♥

  4. Hi Jane, in the morning (I will still be in bed) come over to my blog, I have something for you.

  5. Okay, going over there right this minute. Thanks Jane.

  6. THat's a very generous giveaway Jane. I still have giveaway guilt from winning too many just before Christmas, so I'm not letting myself enter. Thanks for 'doing it' though! x


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