Tuesday, August 30, 2016

My Picnic Quilt

Every once in awhile I make a quilt that I just fall in love with, this happens to be one of those quilts!
I am sure many of you are familiar with Lori Holt from
She has an amazing book called Farm Gril vintage.  This quilt was in her book and as soon as I saw it I knew I had to make it! 
It is hand pieced and hand quilted.

 I will leave you with this...
I have no idea what to do with Washi Tape but my college daughter used it to spruce up her dorm room.
I am not that crafty!

I hope everyone enjoys their nice long weekend. 

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

My Granddaughters Quilt

The next project I would like to share is my 4 1/2 year old Granddaughters quilt.
My daughter redid her room and it is pink!!

So I had my daughter come to the house to pick fabrics and this is what she chose.

All but the red/aqua floral are Bloom and Bliss from Riley Blake Designs.

I still piece and quilt by hand. So here in pictures is the progression from start to finish.

 Sets of two become blocks.

 Blocks get laid out in a pleasing pattern.

 Basting, worst job on the planet!!

The part I love the best, Hand Quilting!!

A finish!

She also chose Bloom and Bliss for the backing.

And I am going to leave you with this...

My father was a newspaper man. He printed and sold TV guides to newspapers. When they were at the end of a run he would frequently print coloring books for us to take to school. The nuns would be thrilled and as a little girl I was so proud. They would ask him to stay and read a book. He would always read Green Eggs and Ham.
When a picture of this mug was posted on Instagram I knew I wanted to own it. Thank you sweet IG friend for helping me find the mug and giving me these memories.

You can get the mug HERE

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Summer Project Update

I am not sure about you but I do not do a lot of quilting over the summer.
Family and fun come to the forefront.
I have a project list I made in the Spring for myself and I thought I would post the projects one at a time to show you what I have been up to over the last few months.

Here is the list....
Red working on
Red crossed off, completed.

1. Niece's graduation quilt.
2.Granddaughter's Quilt
3. Halloween quilt , basted.
4. Sailboat quilt top pieced from my sweet bee sisters.
5. Farm girl vintage. Put blocks into top. Sashing and cornerstones cut.
6. Picnic quilt -Done
7. Continue on my diamond EPP project. Starting to make stars
8. Boy baby quilt.
9. Feed company quilt. Working on Blocks.
10. Make Harry Potter quilt with my 7 year old grandson.  He laid out his pattern and we have started!
11. Redwork snowman embroidery .
12. my double gauze flower sugar quilt. 
13.  Two pillowcase made for my grandson.
14 Sweet Bee Blocks Done
15. Plus blocks sent.
16. Flag Quilt Top Done and basted.
17. Pattern Tested a Tote Bag. 

My Nieces High School Graduation Quilt

She choose the fabrics.
I laid them out to see which layout I liked best, then made a Rail Fence Quilt.

Some sad news on Memorial Day we lost our Bulldog Sophie. She was 7 years old and it happened in a 12 hour period. She did not suffer. She was having a hard time breathing. We took her in and her soft pallet was swollen, one lung collapsed, and her esophagus was no longer attached. There was nothing they could do, it was very hard on our college daughter as that was her dog.

It took our girl Charley a while to realize Sophie was not coming back, but now getting bigger and fills our home with joy. 

She loves to swim, even in the kiddie pool!

I am going to leave you with this as I know it applies to so many of us!

I will be back with more show and tell projects.
Happy Sewing!