Friday, September 16, 2016

Fort Worth Fabric Friday Bundle, I get to play!!

Happy Friday everyone!

How honored was I when Jodie from Fort Worth Fabric Studio asked me if I would like to play with one of her Friday Fabric Bundles.
Yes! Thank you I would love to!
So this fun bundle arrived in the mail. Oh the possibilities!

Here it is Boo Bash

Just look at this fun Fat Quarter Bundle!

You can purchase the bundle

 So many ideas swam in my head but I finally decided on a hexie Halloween Pillow.

Materials Needed. ALL fabric is from Fort Worth Fabric  Studio

Adorable Fat Quarter Bundle Of Boo Bash
1/2 yard Halloween Print for backing
One yard of Kona white for front and back of hexie top
24 inch square of batting
English Paper Piecing Hexies, also found at Fort Worth Fabric Studio
Pillow Form 18 inch square
Black embroidery floss 

Let's get started!

I love hand work so I decided I would love to work with hexies. Hexies are a great take along project or a relaxing in front of the TV project.
(If hexies make you a little nervous, I have a tutorial listed on the right side of my blog). 

I first cut a 3 1/2 inch strip of fabric. (Width of Fabric) from each fat quarter. Then cut the strips into 3 1/2 inch squares for hexies.
Make a nice pile of assorted hexies to turn into flowers.
For this size pillow you will need ten hexie flowers. I choose the white with the black dots to be my focal print, you may decide to use a different print. No worries, there is a lot of fabric!

After I made the flowers I choose one to be the middle. Next I surrounded the flower with a ring of white with black dots. You can use any fabric you choose for this step.
Attache the rest of the flowers in any order you like to form the one large flower.

At this point I then removed the paper hexies. I sprayed it with starch and gave it a nice firm ironing. I did not pull, just a nice up down motion as to not stretch the hexies.

Ok, Now you have this large hexie flower piece.
What do you do with it?

This is what I did.....
I pretend it is a mini quilt.
There will be a backing, batting, top with the hexie flower.
Lay out your backing. In my case Kona White.
Spray Baste
Add batting
Spray baste batting
add top piece of Kona White
Spray baste a little of the hexie flower back being careful to not get spray on the front of the Kona Top
Center your flower on the Kona top and smooth.
I also added pins.
I like to pin!

At this point use any technique you like to attach the flower. 
Machine quilt a grid. 
Hand quilt. 

I choose to use black embroidery floss, finca size eight, and hand quilted with a big stitch around each and very side of every hexie.

Top done!
Let's make a pillow!!

 Also found at Fort Worth Fabric Studio. The backing I used for my pillow.
Frightful & Delightful by First Blush Designs for Henry Glass. 
 Found HERE
By the way, it glows in the dark!!

There are many tutorials on the internet for making a pillow cover but this in the one I prefer. It opens in the back so you can take you pillow out and change the cover for different Holiday's. 

I would also like you to see how much fabric I have left. I was thinking I would make some cute towels trimmed in these adorable Halloween fabrics.

And here it is, a Hexie Halloween Pillow

Every Friday Fort Worth Fabric Studio has a fun Friday Bundle.
But don't forget they also carry a large selection of beautiful fabrics.

Thank you to Jodi for allowing me to play with these adorable fabrics.

Happy Sewing!