Saturday, May 31, 2014

FriendShip Block reveal

Wow, did the time fly with this swap! Here we are at out last month.  Maria and I started a month later than the other members so we did double
duty this month.



Once we have received all our blocks we will be able to make a twin quilt!

This has been so much fun.  I have a great partner and made some great new friends. 
I cannot wait to make this quilt. 

I sure hope there will be another swap soon!

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Back at the Machine!

Summer has begun!

I love summer! The hotter then better.
But I also love summer because we have no schedule.
And because of that, I tend to get a lot of sewing done. 

 This week...

from these...

to these...

to the first section...

I like to put my quilts together in sections and not rows.   I will have four of these sections. Then I will only have two long seams to sew.  This "seams" to work for me!

Back to the machine!

Happy sewing!

Monday, May 26, 2014

What a Whirlwind Month ~~~Warning Family Post, Picture Heavy

What a month we just had!  One thing after another.
It was non-stop fun!

Athletic Banquet 

It started in the beginning of May when hundreds of senior students were chosen by the newspaper to represent their school in their respective sports.  
Maggie was chosen to represent her school for softball.

There were so many students and families at the banquet.

It was fun to see all the names scroll by in larger than life lights. 
 It was hard to capture in a photo but I tried!

The following weekend was 

Senior Prom

Fun Pictures in the Backyard 

I loved her hair!

Our middle daughter and husband surprised her by showing up at the venue as she got off the bus!
They live downtown Chicago and the Prom was held at 
The Museum of Science and Industry.

How fun is this!!

Waiting for Maggie.

I see the buses!


Awards Night for Academics

Not only did she receive athletic awards we are proud to say she received academic awards as well. 
Not great pictures, but pictures none the less.

Senior Day for Softball

As is the custom at our school the last home game is Senior Day.
The senior girls are greeted with a decorated field, a college going away gift, speeches, and yummy food.

It was very hard for us this year as Maggie has been going to her Dad's games to watch her sisters since she was born. She played softball with him since she was 6 and now is heading to play softball at college.

I love how they used cups to decorate the fields.

The Big Day!
Graduation 2014!!!


The day was not over!
We were going back to the house for a party but instead headed to the hospital for the birth of our third grandbaby!
Becky who took the graduation pictures left a little early and four house later we had a new baby in the family!!

Home Sweet Home

A few days later we celebrated Maggie's graduation!
Age three wearing her sister's cap and her senior picture decorated her cake. 

We have one more graduate!
Little Man Graduated from Preschool!
He will be off to kindergarten next fall.


Love, Mom