Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Scrap Bags.....

Wow, I think we are all being very busy this month. Emily’s Wedding quilt is coming along nicely. It is basted and I have started to hand quilt. I love how it looks. I am afraid my posts will be sparse for awhile as I want to devote all my extra time to her quilt.
I have however started a daunting task!!
As many of you know I love scraps. I love that what someone thinks is a scrap could be a treasure. Therefore, if I like scraps; I thought you might like them too!! I have a ton; yes a ton, of end of bolts pieces of fabric. I keep saving them for a rainy day; but realistically I have enough to last a lifetime. It is time to share. I have made scrap bags for my eBay and etsy shops.
I started out with my black and white fabrics, they have been ironed, cut and sorted into piles for you to purchase. These are pictures of an actually scrap bag, some fabrics may vary. Each scrap bag will contain one fat quarter.
The next challenge will be my 1930 prints, many, many, bins!!
But for now please take a peek at my eBay or etsy store and start scrapping!!
Here is an example………

I hope you come, take a peek and shop for some scraps!! It is amazing what you can do with them!!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

My Turn!!!!

Well, after reading all the blogs the last 6 months about irons, I was thrilled my was still working. That is, until today!!
Now I was faced with the same decision…
Which iron to purchase?
I am very hard on my irons, I need one every year or two. I have tried so many different brands, loved my Black and Decker, but after a year, it leaked! Loved my sunbeam, which made it two years until it leaked. My Rowenta, one month, it leaked!
So, I hopped in the car and looked and thought, just get one, it will only last a year anyway!! So, I am trying a Rowenta again, it was only $10 more than the last one I bought and I like that it has a lot of steam holes. I love steam.

While I was there I also picked up a new ironing board cover. It reminds me of one my grandmother would have used.

I hope this does not leak after a month, if so, there is going to be trouble!!!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

No Sew Block Swap…

Ahhhhhhhhh yes, my first swap of 2010!!

The No Sew Block Swap

I am in the Pink/Green/White Group.
I choose the mini bow tie as my block. The idea is to cut the block out 9 times. You do not sew the block. Keep one set for yourself and send our hostess Kathleen the other 8 sets. She will mix them up and you will receive 8 different blocks back in your color group. This is such a great swap, no pressure about seam allowances; they will all match as you do the sewing! I cannot wait to see what blocks I will receive.

Here is my fabric cut and ready to package.

Eight ready to send….

And one to keep!!!

Super fun !!!!

Monday, January 18, 2010


Wow, what does one do when their computer is down? It is a funny feeling, it feels as if you have been left out of part of the world, and that world keeps going on without you and your posting.
Thank Heavens I have a brother who can take a computer, take it apart, put it back together and it works and runs better that before!! He is the best!!! A huge thank you to my little brother!!
I did get some things done.
When I sell fabric from my eBay and etsy stores I only have to charge sales tax for my state; for some reason, the state of Illinois wants their money!! It took many hours and many days to prepare the report, get that done and paid.

Glad to have that finished!! At least for another year!!!

Next, my family put me lock-down until I finished Emily’s quilt top. I am delighted to say it is done!! Now, to baste, hand quilt and bind a king size quilt. Now worries!! But my daughter reads my blog so I cannot show you a picture. Sorry…..
But here is a reminder of the fabrics

Since I finished the Wedding quilt top, I decided to treat myself to a new project! I have been thinking of this quilt for some time. I love Japanese fabric and now have collected a nice stash!

At first I was going to border the prints in white, but did not care for the all white look. Then I was going to border them in colors, but I thought it took away from the print; I finally settled on several pretty yellow fabrics.

So, I just started to play!
This is what I have so far….

Oh how I wish I had more of this kerchief fabric!!

Can you read what the saying says? It says,” A was an Apple Pie bit cut dealt, eat!” I love how they interpret our language.

This will be an on-going work in progress.

I have many, many emails and blogs to go through, please to not be insulted if I do not get a chance to reply.
Just know that I missed you and am glad to be back!!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Sunday, January 3, 2010

My First Swap!!!!

My first swap of 2010!!
Kathleen is hosting a fun swap. This is a new idea to me and I love the idea. The swap is called “The No Sew Block Swap”. You pick a block; cut it the out nine times, one for each member, send them off and receive 9 different blocks back. Then YOU do the sewing, all seam allowances will be the same and you can put them together any way you would like,
Hop over and check it out, I will be doing the mini bow tie.
Happy Sewing !!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

vintage  happy new year Pictures, Images and Photos
Wow, where did this year go!!! I cannot believe we are in 2010!
I think I have mentioned this before but just in case, I love to make lists. I like to write something down I have done just to mark it off my list!! Weird, I know, but if it is not written down, it does not happen. So, with that in mind I have made a small list of goals for 2010.

Quilt Goals….

** Emily’s Wedding Quilt

** Em’s future MIL table-topper

** Finish 3 UFO’S

** Start and FINISH 3 new projects.

** Try a new technique.

** Try VERY hard to use just my stash (notice I said try)!

** Swaps of course!!

Blogging Goals…

** Have fun!!

** As the Girl Scout song goes…”Make new friends but keep the old, one is silver and the other gold”

** Personal goals....
I will not bore you with those!

This will be posted on my sidebar. Hopefully to be accomplished and because I love lists, I may just add to it!!

I hope all your goals, dreams and wishes come true for 2010.