Thursday, July 31, 2014

New Zipper Pouch

Not much machine sewing going on at this time.  
Summer fun has been calling!

I have however been hand quilting a king size quilt, so that is done in the evening in front of the TV.

I did make a new zipper pouch.
I had bought this super cute fabric at Joann's, but I thought I would quilt it before I turned it into any project.

So, fabric, batting, backing, draw a few lines and hit the machine.  Now quilted fabric!

I pulled up my favorite tutorial from Melanie on my i-pad and got started.
Tutorial can be found HERE

I did change it up a little.

I made it bigger and I added inside pockets


The hardest part for me was to make sure that when I turned the bag right side out the pockets were not upside down!  I was working with, the front, the back, the lining, the zipper and the pockets!

But I am thrilled at how it turned out!

Thanks for stopping by.
Happy Sewing!

BTW, I put all the For Love of Hand Embroidery on one page with a link on the side-bar. 

Sunday, July 20, 2014

9 Done, Now What?

I finished my last two nested churn dash blocks this weekend. 
I have a total of nine.
I still need to fix my "oops" block.

Now it is time for the sashing.  I was thinking red but then I thought that might be "too much"

Do you have any ideas?

Thanks and happy sewing!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

My New Favorite Tool and Three More Nested Churn Dash Blocks

I hope you have had a chance to watch the bears in Alaska.  I am midly obsessed with them, what do you mean I have names for the bears!  If you have not taken a peek, do yourself a favor and watch for a little while.  The link can be found in my last post.

OK,  on to my new favorite tool.


Where have these been?  They make trimming a half square triangle a dream.

I own the 3.5" and the 5.5". 
 I hope to own then all at some point.

Check out the video.

I made three more Nested Churn Dash Blocks, two more to go!

Happy Sewing!

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Bears Live

I just have to share this link!  I have been watching these bears all week.  Once you start you just have to check on them.  There was no embedded link so you just have to click the link provided.

This is what the website says..

Katami National Park in Alaska has started streaming videos of brown bears in their natural habitat. The first one’s live at Brooks Falls; so far, we’ve watched brown bears looking for salmon, brown bears catching salmon, and brown bears eating salmon. Adorable. 


I am off to see what they are up to, they seem to be most active in the later evening.  Last night as my husband and I were watching you could see dozen of Salmon jumping up the falls. and after the bears eat the gulls swoop down for the leftovers.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Some Things Stay The Same

I know the 4th of July is over but for me, some things never change.
And that is my love for History and Red, White and Blue.

It does not matter what time of year it is I am always thinking of these colors.  I am now collecting fabrics for a new RWB Quilt.

So I thought I would get some for my stores, just in case you loved them too!

They can be found in either store, just click your choice on my side-bar.

I also thought you might like to take a peek at my Pinterest Board.

Foe the Love of Red, White and Blue

I hope you enjoy and do something you love.

Monday, July 7, 2014

My Next Project

I am ready to start a new project!
I must have several going at one time.
One in the planning stage.
One in the getting fabrics ready stage.
One in the cutting stage.
One in the piecing stage.
One in the basting stage.
One in the quilting stage.
One in the binding stage.

Now that I see it in print, that is a lot of stages!!

Oh well!

So, the fabrics arrived for my new grandbabie's quilt.

We are going Nautical!
My daughter thought it would be cute to use the two whale fabrics and make applique whales on white Kona throughout the quilt.
The fabrics are The Littles by Michael Miller.

But first my baby must go to the shop for her tune up!

So I will be working on the hand quilting stage until she comes home.

Happy Sewing!

Sunday, July 6, 2014

A Challenge Has Been Made!!

Val's Quilting Studio

A challenge has been made and I plane to take it on full force.

Val's Stitching Studio has announced...

Val comes up with the best ideas!
Save your pennies and loose change for a year, then next year we can all compare are savings and how we plan to spend our pennies!

This is the vintage can I am using, the same one my Dad used to save his coins!

Cone on!!!
Join the fun!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Happy 4th of July

Gives me chills every time I hear this..........

We are heading out for a few day so I just wanted to wish everyone a 

Happy 4th of July!

This is my FAVORITE Holiday so we are spending a few days with the whole family! One hubby, 3 daughters, 2 SIL's and 3 grandbabies all in one big condo!
Look out here we come!