Tuesday, January 29, 2013

How Fun Is This?

I am taking my time. I am not rushing through any of these wonderful Dresden Blog Posts. Don't worry I will be knocking on your blog door soon!  And I will see you all, yes all of you in the near future.
Here is today's schedule. 

January 29th, 2013

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Christmas Quilt Progress

This quilt has been slow and steady. But they say that is what will win the race.
I have no problem working with Christmas fabrics in January.  No, I am not getting a head start for 2013, I am playing catch up for 2012. Just a few pictures to remind, or show you for the first time, my project.

My new motto, is, buy it, and use it. No more petting and saving. Why? Because I will always find something new that I just MUST HAVE....

So, I bought this one yard bundle of fabrics.

 I added two fabrics I already had for a total of 12 yards of fabric.

I cut them into squares.

Sewed them into 2 patches then 4 patches.

I kept on working until I had a quilt top!

Christmas came and went so it was put away in the closet. But now was the perfect time to let her out. I picked out my backing. yes, it is pink!  Who said you cannot use pink for Christmas?

Sandwiched and pinned.

Many years ago I heard that if you make a quilt top with geometric shapes you should quilt it with swirls. The opposite for a flowery quilt. 
Quilt it with straight lines.

I do not machine quilt. I only hand quilt. So, some of my favorite ways to quilt is in a diagonal grid, in the ditch, shadow quilting, even swirls in a border.
This was going to be new to me!
I took two different size bowls and drew (with my crayola washable marker) circles all over the top. I have never done circles. Hearts, flowers stars, but not circles.
This is what it looks like with the markings. Hope you can make them out.

I am using red thread. The only problem I am having is loosing the thread on the quilt. I like to quilt while I watch TV, if I look up at the TV, I have a heck of a time finding my spot. LOL!

I hope to have this finished in a few weeks and then look forward to showing you my finished quilt.

Happy Sewing!

Friday, January 4, 2013

"OZ" Did It!!

After years and years of collecting and saving and finding the fabric...

"Oz" did it!

The Wizard of Oz Quilt that I made for my sister has been gifted!
Yes, she did love it, which makes me very happy.

I should explain, I tried to follow the sequence of the movie by starting with sepia, the I made a rainbow to signify arriving in Oz, then back to sepia when she arrived home.
On with the show!

Source-Google images

Finale lay out. ready to sandwich and quilt.


Now for a hundred pictures!!

I DO need to mention, boy was I in a hurry to get the photographed and wrapped. 
These pictures are just plain bad!!
So sorry....

First time putting a block on the back but I just did not want to leave this picture off the quilt.


Do you feel like watching the movie now, LOL! 

Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful weekend.