Saturday, October 24, 2015

This and That

Hi everyone!  I know so many folks are at quilt market this weekend, I have been seeing pictures, fabric and a lot of smiles! I however am home!  We did get to visit Maggie at school a few weeks ago and of course hit up the Iowa Dairy Barn.  So yummy.

She was home this last week from college but had her tonsils out. Not too much fun at the ripe old age of 19!  She is recovering and heads back to Grinnell on Sunday. Wish she was little so I could keep her home from school for a few more days! 

I got a wonderful birthday gift from my hubby this year. On September 16th I turned 60 and on September 15th our new golden retriever puppy was born! 

 This will be our third golden in our 38 years of marriage.  The amazing thing is that our breeder still breeds goldens! Now hold tight we got our first golden in 1979, yep, you read that right!  We have been so lucky to be able to visit our little girl.  There were five puppies, four boys and our little girl.  We have named her Charly.  And I am so in love with her.  

Charly one week old.

Two weeks old with her Mommy.

Three weeks old with her Mommy!!! ME!!!

Four weeks old Charly meets Maggie and the grand-children

Our last visit until she comes hone in ten days!!!

She is almost six weeks old.

Now on the sewing front in my last post I showed you a few things I was working on for the holiday's.  Here is the finished stitchery of the pumpkin patch. Pattern by Sherri Falls of This and That Patterns.  

I also finished this one which will be made into a pillow. 

 I also showed you some Halloween hexies i was working on, I combined them with two pumpkin blocks of a Lori Holt pattern from her Farm Girl Vintage Book. If you do not have it treat yourself. It is an amazing book.

 I just have the binding left to add to this little flag placemat. In my home it is always a good time for red, white and blue. 

My Halloween leader ender quilt is coming along. I am sure it will be ready for next year!!  Most fabrics are Witch Hazel from Riley Blake Designs.  

 But what I am working on now is the grey nine patch quilt for one of my daughters and SIL. This is a king size quilt and those of you who know me know I love to hand quilt. This is the design I will be stitching in the white squares.

But basting, it is for me the worst part of quilting.  I finally after years, and years of trying new ways have found something that works.
Now I saw this somewhere but to be honest I do not know where and I tweeked it to serve my needs. 

This is my basting solution! 
1.  Grab a helper.
2. Find a large wall. For me it was the garage wall. 
3. Push pin the backing into the wall making sure there are no wrinkles. That is why two sets of hands really help. 
4. Spray the back with spray baste.
5. Gently add the batting over the backing. Important tip!  Pat it down. Do not smooth, it will wrinkle. 
6. Spray the batting.
7. Gently add the top. I did add push pins to the top so it would not pull. 
8. Again pat do not smooth.
9. Now at this point you could be done but also used my safety pins just for good measure.  
Hope this helps you too! 

Oh yes, i went on a little trip to Joann's a while ago for grey thread for the quilt and came home with these!

Christmas Quilt 2016!!!

I will end this post with my Peanuts Self!
I am the new girl in town! Just call me Pinky!  You can be a character too! Just go to  

I have a few things in my etsy store if you want to take a peek.

Happy sewing!