Saturday, March 14, 2009

Catch Up.....

I have been so busy with my Rainbow Swap and Little T that my fabric purchases have been pilling up. Grab a cup of “something” here we go……

100 Feed-Sack squares from Glenna, Yes, I want to marry them!!! Sorry, I cannot open this beautiful bundle yet!

Ayumills from Pink Penguin has been very busy making potholders and coasters.

I just could not resist!!

And she even sent me some goodies. She is a sweetheart and her work is perfection!

I have to stop blog hopping (as if that will really happen) because every time I see fabric I like, I have to get it. These two fabrics are from Alexander Henry

April showers in Chocolate and
May Flowers in Pink/Chocolate

And these Japanese fabrics from Pink Chalk Fabrics
Bright Orange…

Just plain cute…

Now, look at what I won!!

Terri at Sew-Fantastic, will host a giveaway for you.

I won the giveaway she was hosting for

Fabric Supplies

This is what they call a scrap-bag!!

Most of the pieces are over 1/4 of a yard.

Terri is going to host a giveaway for me later this month, so keep checking her blog for mine and other giveaways. Thanks Terri and Fabric Supplies.

that the next fabric you see will be my Maroon Fabrics for the Rainbow Quilt Block swap, and then again, you can never tell!!!!


  1. I've been spying those little girls with umbrellas. I'm trying so hard to resist but you are NOT making it easy!

  2. so what did you win at the giveaway from my blog at fabric supplies. I am dying to know

  3. Here you go again....yes, you are making it so hard on us out here....have mercy!!!! I am begging you!!! Only kidding, I love them all...

  4. Holy cow that is a great one. What a deal. I heart charlie and lindsey

  5. Love those feedsack squares...I just got mine too...but I only got 50...thinking I might need 100 as well! And I'm wondering how it works when someone hosts a giveaway for you...I've never heard of that?

  6. I'm glad to see I influenced you in gett the umbrella fabric! Tit for tat!! Great purchases!

  7. Oh my gosh, Jane - you have enough fun things to keep you busy for a very long time and then some!

  8. Great fabrics! Love the Alexander Henry ones. Too cute! What are your plans for it?

  9. Holy Cow I'm so jealous! I want to break into Glenna's house and take it ALL. And is there anything pink penguin does that isn't amazing?


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