Monday, March 30, 2009

What a Honey!!!!

Look at this little beauty…
I have no idea why but about every 8 months or so I need a new iron! I have tried them all.
Even the one that starts with an R; which did not last as long the less expensive ones. Usually it takes me an hour to choose an iron. BUT,
today I had my daughter with me and she said
”Look Mom, a PINK ONE ".
This one is a honey!!
I love it!


  1. I've been going to do an iron post. I've tried them all too. And I've had 2 of the R ones! I dislike the one I have, Sam I am.

  2. That's awesome! I didn't know they made pink!

  3. Is it a Sunbeam?
    I need a new iron right now too! So I'll watch for your review.

  4. We have awful Iron karma too! Ours is going, going...
    Let me know how this one pans out!

  5. I'm going crazy trying to find a new iron. I loved the one that died last year. I replaced it. That one leaked and then shorted out, I think. Now I picked up a new one, and I HATE IT!!!! I've never had iron trouble before. And with sewing, it is so important.

  6. pretty. I love the fact that it keeps its own cord.

  7. I wouldn't expect anything else from you, Jane - LOL! I've tried them all, too - except for this one! I can't wait for October or so - I saw an Oliso prototype at Sew Expo - it's made with quilters in mind! I have their first model and like it, but they have taken all the input from this model and put it into the new YELLOW model!

  8. I've tried them all too. I have a new one used once. Don't like it. 2 mini's, don't like them. I want a pink one too.

  9. Nothing like a new iron! I also find that I need a new iron at least every year or so. I guess it is just because we use them so much!

  10. R ones??

    Congrats on the new addition to your home!

  11. I stewed long and hard about buying my iron after Christmas. So far so good. Pricey but it seems worth it. Fun to see the blocks start coming in.

  12. I wish I could find an iron that didn't leak. I have an the R one, the O one - both very expensive for my taste. The O one did not last but almost 2 years and leaked the last year and then just died. I took it back to the place I bought it, and was told that these irons with the auto shut off and quick reheat are not meant to last more than two years as the constant burst of power to get them reheated wears out the circuit boards quick. They are meant for ironing where they don't have to keep starting over and over, which I interpret not for quilters. The one I have now I liked up until a few weeks ago, when it started leaking too. Does anyone make an iron that truely does not leak???


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