Thursday, February 19, 2009

Sew-Fantastic and Sew Many Ways....

Just a few “Show & Tells” today. I found a new blog I just love called “Sew Many Ways. As I was reading her blog, my eye caught a beautiful set of Americana projects. As I started to read, I found out she was giving them away!! Yes, to the first two people who asked! I said I loved them and they showed up at my home. I am the gal that likes to hand quilt and let others do the top, she is the gal that likes to do tops and not quilt. A match made in Heaven. I know exactly what I am going to do with all three pieces. The bigger one will be a perfect place-mat for my butcher block counter. The one with the star in the middle will be a pot holder I will never use. Every year on the 4th of July, we take a picture because it is my favorite Holiday; the third piece holds a 4 X 6 picture!! Therefore, that will be a wall hanging. Thank you so much Karen, I just love them and your kindness.

Next, I am not sure I should thank Terri for this; I saw on her blog "Sew Fantastic" the most beautiful fabrics from Robert Kaufman. The line is called Monaluna Birds in Spring the Metro Market Line. Sure, I had to have it and found it from the Etsy store Fabricworm. It is to die for!

Well, let me tell you Terri has a great blog, and Karen has a great blog, go stop by and visit. You will be glad you did! I sure was.


  1. Hi Jane,
    Thanks so much for mentioning glad you like the tops. Can't wait to see the quilting!!

  2. Hi Jane,
    Love to find new blogs and your fabric is really cute. Can't wait to see what you make.
    Keep Stitchen'

  3. Oh my gosh! They just got that light blue bird fabric at my store on Monday!! I was gonna buy it but needed other things! Dang budgets! I'm so glad you bought some!

    What are you going to do with all your new stuff?

  4. I love the mixers fabric!! Going to check out both of your recommended blogs/etsy places!

    Congrats on the wonderful Americana package!!

  5. Thanks for sharing the links to two great blogs. Take care, Natalie

  6. congrats on winning beautiful blocks :)
    Kaufman fabric are fabulous! I'm excited to see what you create with them.

  7. Hi Jane,

    My name is Diane, and I was reading a comment you had left on another blog about starting a quilting bee. If your still interested, so am I. Maybe we can put our head together and dream up one of our own.
    Contact me when you have the chance.

  8. i was cruising fabricworm tonight and saw that fabric...i almost bought...hard not too...i love it!!!

  9. Love the fabric too!! Will be sure to check out the new recommended blogs!! Thanks Jane! Cathy

  10. I got a few fat quarters my daughter picked up for me of some of these fabrics. But I didn't see the beaters (mixer beater) print before. So cute. That Etsy store is a good one. Darn you! My daughter Natalie wants that rocket scientist fabric - I just showed it to her and she's in love with it. Lovely blocks for you. They are so nice.

  11. I love those Monaluna fabrics...they are absolutely gorgeous!

  12. Lucky you!!!! Now off to check out the two blogs you mentioned!!

  13. I just found your blog through 'Simply this that and the other'.....
    You have a great blog. Love the blocks you got and that fabric is adorable!!
    I am having a giveaway on my will have to check it out if you have time! Have a great night.

  14. Hi Jane I went to visit the newest favorite blog! You are right it is good!
    It's always fun to drop in and see what someone new is doing to inspire us.
    I myself really like the quilting as much as making the tops.
    Best of all is the hand finishing which I really love the quiet work of just looking and feeling an accomplishment.

  15. I cannot wait to see your creations with the quilt pieces and the fabric you are showing are wonderful. Your blog is fun and intersting. No I have not had any links sent to me for new products and I can understand your frustration with that process. Have a wonderful time quilting. It looks like you enjoy it very much.

  16. That red fabric with the beaters is ADORABLE! ooxx`jodi


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