Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Stitchery and a Sneak Peek....

I am a little behind in my Birdie Stitchery! I just finished September and December is due out tomorrow!! I am going to finish I LOVE stitching these soooo much!! I so hope there will be another!!

I also finished another block in my Winter Wonderland Quilt.

and now for a sneak peek at a Christmas Gift!!
That's all you get!!

Still time to join
The Wonky House Block Swap
Blocks Due March 1st, so something fun to work on after the Holiday rush.
And feel free to add the button and link to the post, the more members the merrier!!

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Monday, November 28, 2011


Now this is what I call a rest!!!

Wednesday---shopping, lunch, shopping

Thanksgiving---The New Muppet Movie ( yes, GO SEE IT), dinner, cyber shopping

Black Friday---Shopping, lunch, shopping, Gingerbread house

Saturday---Christmas Decorations, Christmas Parade

Sunday---Christmas Village, laundry (boo)

Today--- Announce the new swap I am hosting!!

The Wonky House Swap!!!

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Click the house and go to my new swap page.

You will find all the details you will need to know on that page!

I hope everyone had a nice weekend.

Monday, November 21, 2011

I Would...

I would Like to Wish Everyone a Very, Happy and Safe Thanksgiving.
I am going to take some time off to spend with my family.
See you soon!


Thursday, November 17, 2011

So Lucky!!!

I Won!!

For the last few years Stephanie from Loft Creations has had a green and red polka dot giveaway.
I won!!
I am so excited, not only do I love Polka Dots but all the other goodies she included.

Of course polka dot fabric, green and red paper clips, greens and red buttons, M & M's, cute socks, note cards, note pad, tissue paper, gift tags, an ornament, a key holder, ribbon.
Look at the darling mat and pincushion!!

Everything and anything a girl would love and want.
Just like Christmas came early to my home!!
Thank you Stephanie so very much!!

Tomorrow I will be guest posting on
I sure hope you stop by for a visit!

Monday, November 14, 2011

I have just been "binding" my own business!!

Yes, That is what I have be doing all weekend;"binding" my own business!!
Hmmm, binding, not my favorite part of the quilt making process, but this weekend,
 I bond four, count them four quilts!!
Can I show you?
Noooo, not yet!


I can show you the flimsy I also finished.
The Dr. Seuss quilt for Little T.

I used the pattern Happy Hour.

Here is interesting thing, this little guy loves quilts with fuzzies on them. That is a quilt that has been tied. So, this will be tied with a super soft backing to keep him all snuggled up this winter.

We also had our family portrait taken. No rain, warm, but very windy!
I sure hope you had a wonderful weekend too!!
I sooooo need to start to Christmas shop and make my cookie baking list!!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Wanna' Trade?

I am slightly obsessed with the Kei Kerchief Girls... Just a little OCD about them!! Dear sweet Ayumi from The Pink Penguin had three prints. I now have pink, brown, black.

All I need is a 5 to 10 inch piece of the other colors , I do not even care if it is square.
If you have any of the other colors....How about a trade?

One ball of Finca Thread for the piece of fabric.

I hope someone out there may not need their scrap but would love to try the thread!
Thanks a ton.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

What is the problem!!??

What in the world is all this Ghastlie stuff!! I mean can't you just leave us alone!

We are just like everyone else!


We so enjoy each others company. In fact once a month we all get together for dinner.  This month was my turn to make the main dish.
So I donned my apron and got right to work!

Mmmm, spaghetti, see, normal, just like yours!!

I was able to bring it nice and hot in my casserole carrier!

(pattern from 2 Little Hooligans)

I also brought the aunts a treat, they need to move into some other craft besides knitting!! This cute little basket filled with  Presencia Perle Finca  should do the trick!

This was the first time in months that we were all here so what a wonderful opportunity for a family picture.

See, we are no different than any other red blooded family!!
Who am I? Hmmmm, that will be my secret!!