Friday, March 13, 2009

Rainbow Quilt Block Swap Up-Date

Hi Everyone!!!

Just a little note to keep you up-dated on the

Rainbow Quilt Block Swap

At this point I am starting section 3.

I will only be able to handle 4 sections so if you were thinking of signing up

you might what to so over the weekend.

Also, girls, I need your block choice as I already have some gals working!!

Have a happy weekend!!


  1. Hi Jane,
    I have never done a block swap before, but I am interested in joining this one if you have a spot for me! I would like to sign up for dark blue. Second choice is red. My email is and blog is Thank you for organizing this!!

  2. Oh, please sign me up. It doesn't look like anyone has red yet in section 3, so if it's still available, I'd love that. I'd like to do Card Tricks as my block.

  3. wowie - group 3 filled! yayy for you! ☺

  4. Hi. I'd like to sign up for group 4 You can put me down for any colour that someone else doesn't want- it doesn't matter to me. It looks like red and blue are gone for sure. I like all colours. Tammy or

    could you please tell me how to add the button to my side bar? do you have a code?

  5. Jane, I wrote to you last night using the email you used yourself, but it returned an hour later. Can you please write again and offer another address, so I can contact you? I don´t know, what´s wrong, my other mails are fine and I have no problems. Sorry about the trouble, but...I´m happy to find my name in Section 4. (My apologies to the other readers: ladies, we´ll sort this out and I won´t bore you much longer with messages form "another time zone".)

  6. OK, Jane...I am so excited about this rainbow motif...
    If you still need someone for section 5 sign me up. My blocks are all cut out for my purple blocks and they will whip up pretty fast.


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