Monday, August 8, 2011

To Bee or not to Bee......

Happy Monday!

 I have shown you many of the blocks I have made for the Bees I am in but I would love to show you what I have received.

These blocks are from the

My colors were red/aqua/white and pink if they wanted.

Look at this talent!!!

My advice...
Join a Bee.... you will learn so much, meet  some wonderful people  and have a ton of fun.
Where to find a bee to join..
Check this out..

Are you in any bees?
have I missed any I should join?


  1. Jane, those quilt blocks are just wonderful! Such variety and the color combination is so pretty! Reminds me a little of Christmas. That will be a nice quilt!

    I'm not in any bees but have thought about it. Thanks for the link to the list. I might have to check it out one of these days!


  2. Jane the Bee blocks you were sent are beautiful. You didn't tell us your favorite though. Or is it too hard to choose?

  3. I love each of the blocks your bee. I wish I had each of those patterns and the fabric.

  4. Wow Jane - you hang out in a wonderful "bee".

  5. Wonderful blocks. Now to have fun arrangeing, and re-arranging. What will you do for a border? Are you going to use sashings? Can't wait to see the top all done.

  6. Loved seeing your bee blocks - I also participated in one at Quilting Angels last year that was red/aqua and white - now what to do with them - always my dilemma. Judy C and

  7. I plan to retire soon and can do some bees then. I first met you in a bee. ATWQS. It was so much fun!!

  8. Gorgeous blocks from your bee friends. This is going to be a beautiful and treasured quilt!!

  9. Hi Jane..Would love to win with wantobe.
    I am currently making a second baby quilt with your Lily and Will line, first was pink and this one is green. LOVE them.


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