Thursday, August 11, 2011

OH NO..........

No body no!!! Not now….


Yes sadly it is true my body is telling me something and I have closed my ears for some time now.


The constant yelling is really starting to bother me!


Yes I am getting older and some days I am so tired even though I had a great night’s sleep.

It is telling me the awful truth!!

I need to exercise!!

What do you mean I cannot work out in my nightie?
I do not like to wear shoes!
This is getting worse by the minute!!


So, I started, very slowly mind you. Now woman are suppose to glisten not sweat! There was no glisten on this lady.

This is yucky…

I do not like it….

I do not want to…

It is a pain….

Takes too much time…


I will do it.

On to day two!!!!


  1. You don't have to wear shoes. There is a whole market of running shoes now which are supposed to be not like wearing shoes at all.

    You can work out in your nightie provided you can work out in your own loungeroom and you don't mind jiggling a little bit.

    You're not sweating... you're just glistening like a drag queen ;)

    I actually really love exercise once I get in and do it. I love being sweaty from the exertion and the adrenaline rush I get. I just can't get the motivation to START!

    Good luck with day two

  2. ROFLOL - You can't work out in your nightie - OOPS

  3. Hang in there Jane! It gets better, but I totally agree with you, it does become a fact of life as we age... ;(

  4. Ugh! I've been hearing the same thing from my body recently and have not listened yet! But good for you! Keep it up!


  5. I started back in March and I feel so much better and stronger. I don't want to be a weak old lady! There are quilts to be quilted!

  6. So that's what my body has been trying to tell me! Not to mention weight gain AND no energy. You are my inspiration. Do you use a DVD exercise video? Or just do your own thing?

  7. funny.....I hate to wear shoes too....

  8. Our family is having a "Biggest Losers" contest and we each had to chip in $20. I have no delusions about winning over the younger ones in the group, but it makes it more fun!

  9. You can do it! Keep that body moving!

  10. I am a bare footer myself, and my shoes are mostly sneakers;)
    I hate to exercise but I love to swim, hike, bike and paddle, so do something you enjoy or you won't want to keep it up. Great time of year to walk on the beach if you can find some sand, you won't need shoes;)


  11. Oh, Jane, I am so in the same boat with you! I have some awesome shoes called Skechers....when I started I felt like I was standing on coke bottles! LOL But now I am in love with them - I can walk, run, do aerobics, and my knees don't ache. (Do I sound like a commercial?) Oh well, just passing along something that works for this ole lady! And yes, I sweat. A lot. I think Madame may be the only one who really glistens!!

  12. I agree. My biggest beef is the time that it takes out of the day! Grr. Good luck.

  13. I feel your pain. No, really. I feel it. I carried Andrew in from the lake day before yesterday and now can hardly walk. Best excuse for not exercising I've ever had. :) blessings, marlene

  14. *giggle* Sure go work out in your pj's! ;-)

  15. You make me feel guilty!
    Years ago, I would wake up like a little old lady getting out of bed. ( thought I was hanging with mom too much!) I had pains in my leg when I drove home from her place ( 1 hour). The Dr sent me to specialist, who sent me for physio. Yep, arthritis/ disk disease in my back. First she put me on tylenol. Now I thought she said 2000 mg a day. My BAD. But, hey. I woke up feeling like a million bucks. I did not realize the PAIN I was feeling. It had crept up on me. And the physio exersices. WOW. I can do them at home. NO more pain.
    So exercise does work. I just have to motivate myself to keep it up cause the pain is gone. ( so is the tylenol) And sadly, so is mom.
    PS- i get out of bed and put shoes on. CANNOT stand bare feet- kitty licks my toes!

  16. I hate to excerise...but it's getting that way that I'll have to too...After just a few hours of weeding/ gardening, I can hardly stand up!!
    Must start walking again, but it's winter!!
    Julia ♥

  17. My body (and closet) has been telling me the same thing. I love being outdoors (when it is not 110 degrees)so I decided to use my annual membership to our local botanical gardens (which is quite hilly) and have been walking there 2-3 days a week...and getting inspired at the same time! It doesn't feel like exercise when I go there!


  18. Jane, I hope it gets better with each passing day. I feel your pain though.
    Good luck!!

  19. LOL...I hear ya Jane! Ya know what....I need to exercise too...I was very fit (in my mind) two years ago before starting IHAN and now....I'm badly in need of some great exercise. Think I'll go out for a brisk walk...probably not in my jammies...just don't want the neighbors thinking I'm crazier than I already am :)



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