Thursday, August 18, 2011

Ready to start!!

I think I have everything I need to start working on my Civil War Blocks. I plan on doing the piecing by hand.

So I have set up a little sewing station.

Yes, right smack dab in front of the TV!!

I’m no fool (contrary to the rumors).

Here is my tray setup….

My iron, PINK!! And it works!

Soft batting as an ironing board.

Thread, needles, pins…

And yes two items I would be lost without.

These scissors and thimble were my great-grandmothers.

I would be lost without these precious items.

The thimble has medical tape on it for a sure grip and it has been “smashed” into an oval to fit my finger.

So, I think I am all set!! Now what to watch?
Ahhhh, yes
Project Runway!!!!

I hope to be able to show you a few completed  blocks tomorrow.


  1. I just love Project Runway and your blog is an inspiration to me. I feel like I can stitch anything!

  2. It does not does not work, really? oK that is just the cutest thing..and it is pink...
    and your scissors..I recognize them from my Aunt who was not really my Aunt but a friend of the family... and your set up reminds me of a surgical tray lol

  3. When doe project runway come on?

    I love your little iron...that is quite the impressive set up.

  4. I've made a few of them Jane - they're addicting I think. :) blessings, marlene

  5. Yeah for the Civil War blocks! I'm anxious to see which ones you pick! I just may need to start the embroidery "thing"!! Now that Dear Jane is done!!

  6. There's absolutely no reason for being rushed along with the rush... Everybody should be free to go very slow ~ Robert Frost
    My new motto, Jane - I think I will join you. Judy C in NC

  7. Love your little pink iron! Cant wait to see your blocks, I love civil war fabric.

  8. Clever use of space...what a way to relax..yes, I like the iron also..Source please, if possible...

  9. Jane! I love your set up! I have to be honest the thimble made me tear up a bit. I lost a really good quilter friend to cancer and she was also a hoarder. When we were sorting her stuff we came across about 30 thimbles. My sister gave them to me to price. As soon as I saw them I thought back to one of my favorite books and it is of course Peter pan. These were not thimbles they are a "Kiss". So now when I see thimbles that is what I think about. So enjoy the Kiss from your great grand mother as you work on this quilt! good for you to do it my hand!

  10. I hope you thanked Chloe for letting you borrow her iron!
    Are your pieces already pre-cut?

  11. Ready, set go!...cute iron...lovely to have your great-grandmothers thimble and scissors.
    Have fun!
    Julia ♥

  12. Nice little station you have set up. Thimbles are one of those things that everyone has an opinion on and we all seem to like different styles. I have a leather one that I use. I don't like the way my nail feels against the metal ones. Plus, I like mine to be flexible. I do have several metal ones from my Grandmother though.

    I love watching Project Runway. Hubby has actually become hooked too lol.

  13. I've been hand appliqueing my Dresden Plates while watching TV. I love it. I needed a flat surface and went and found one of my ArtBin storage totes.

  14. Oh, that is a lovely setup, Jane! Your Grandmother's scissors are precious!

  15. I love the pink iron too. It's adorable. Carry on....with your work.


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