Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A New PC!!!

Yes I have a new PC!!
So, this weekend there was
no sewing
no blogging
no  cooking ( Oh, wait, I never do that anyway)!

But there was computer time!!
It set up like a breeze, well that is until the internet part arrived. Two hours on the phone with my brother in Texas and she was purring like a kitten ( Thanks Joe xox)!!!!
I went all out with this baby! I bought a 24 inch monitor!  Talk about large, this is how I felt!

It was just too large for me! So back it went and I am now happily using an 18.5 inch monitor!!
This is the first monitor in many years where I can use it as intended. I do not have to change the screen resolution. That means I can see whole pages without having to scroll right to left!
For me, this is a super biggie!!
Did you know that my blog has blue polka dots on the sides?
I never saw that!!!


  1. YAY!!! Congratulations and I adore your blue polka dots ... have for a long time ;) I'm so happy for you that you got a computer ... I couldn't live without mine very long so ... Yay you!!! Enjoy, enjoy :)

  2. Way to go Jane! There is nothing like spending time with your new computer! Enjoy!

  3. OHHH look at you with your new PC...and yes polka dots on the side of your blog..go figure lol.
    Jane has a new pc lol

  4. Go, Jane, Go - When I got my new PC, I hated the setting up part until DWH got everything like I wanted - guess I am not very good at handling change - just ask DWH. Hope you enjoy your new found "wonderment." Happy computing. Judy C in NC

  5. Congrats on your new computer. So glad you can now see all the stuff on your own blog. Yes, polka dots on your blog. lol
    Off to sewwequilt.

  6. YEAH - yep - lots of blue polka dots! How about that gorgeous red/white quilt?! Game? lol

  7. Jane, this is so funny about the blue polka dots! I love your blue polka dots. I am glad you got you a new computer and monitor and updated yourself. Love your blog by the way.

  8. Congratulations on the new computer! My husband subscribes to the "bigger is better" philosophy, so I have one of those 24 monitors! Actually, I love it!
    Yes, I've been enjoying your polka dots. Glad you can see them now!

  9. Hooray for Jane! I laughed when I read that the 24 inch was too big for you! My husband works from home and has three 24 inch monitors set up side by side! I love getting time on the 'big' computer so I can have all my windows open and visible at once and move easily between them! At first I thought it was ridiculous but now I love it!

    Nice for you to finally be able to see just how cute your website is!


  10. I am glad you could get a new puter, we seem to depend on them so much, these days. I don't like those oversized screens either, just too much.


  11. Jane I couldn't help but laugh that you couldn't see your blue polka dots! That's my favorite part of your blog setup. :) Congratulations on this new addition. blessings, marlene

  12. I have been enjoying your polka dots for a long time-when I scrol side to side-LOL Guess a new monitor might go on my Christmas list. Right below FABRIC. Enjoy~!

  13. Have fun with the new computer! A good screen can make a lot of difference!

    Loved your brown bee block too - great fabric selection.

  14. Yay for you being back online and seeing your blue dots!


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