Monday, August 15, 2011

It is a sad day in Mudville.....

My baby, yes my baby starts school today........

I know she will be a Sophomore in high school but college is so close.

I may need some fabric therapy,


I think I will toss in a whole (yes, I said whole) box of dark chocolate creams.


  1. **giggle** Enjoy the chocolate's! College comes up pretty fast. ;-)

  2. Wow, she starts early!! School doesn't start here until the 29th.

  3. I would opt for chocolate raspberry creams and fabric. Feed the heart and the soul. Judy C

  4. All the transition years are hard! As a former teacher I had a daddy of a new kindergarten student stand in the hall for half a day on the first day of school. Around lunch time, he started crying. We had to gently suggest that he go home so his little girl wouldn't get upset (she have having the time of her life in the classroom, oblivious to her dad's distress). After that, we told people that we had only lost one parent in all the years we taught!

  5. Oh Jane!! Thank you so much for the smiles this morning :) :) I wish your baby happy today ... mine still have two weeks to go. The graphic for Madame Samm is truly priceless and has to earn the most giggles :) :) Bless you for a wonderful lady!

  6. Hugs, mama! I'll come over to share the chocolate... LOL! Tomorrow is Fabric therapy day.

  7. You definitely need those chocolates! This is such a stressful event. You might even have to go out for ice cream like we do on the first day of school each cream for a late lunch, chocolates for dessert! That ought to do it! But only if you do lots of fabric therapy while she is in school today!

    My kids have two more weeks of freedom, but they are excited for the first day of school (1st grade and 3rd grade) because they get to see their friends again and we go out for ice cream after school. Ice cream is our cure for just about everything!

    Have a great day!


  8. I used to be the high school principal greeting your sophomores that first day Jane - I loved seeing their fresh faces and their excitement. Enjoy these years - they pass quickly. blessings, marlene

  9. Breathe. In Out In Out. OK now? Are you waiting for your baby to come home---and tell you that she has ALL the wrong clothes? Just kidding. Yep chocolate therapy is great. Getting rid of the added pounds-not so great. How about a little chocolate cream fabric therapy?

  10. LOL. cute post. my "baby" is starting Kindergarten this year. It is just beginning for me.

  11. I couldn't wait to get mine back to school, lol.
    Now they are grown up and have their own places and I miss them;)



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