Friday, August 26, 2011

Back to School Night.....

It is not just me is it?
I love Back to School night!!
You get to meet all the teachers that will be a major influence on your child's life.
You get to hear what they will be learning.
You get to put a face to the teacher they are talking  or complaining about!!
You get to meet the parents of your children's friends.
You get to follow their schedule and wonder how they make it to the next class without being late!
Best of all you get to remember what school was like and thank the Heavens above that you are done!!!

Happy Weekend!!


  1. Yes...I still get butterflies when I enter a school...

  2. I like your last part...I am done! And I gotta add that I also like the part that my children are done too! So I'm glad that you are enjoying the process...someone must, they keep doing it. :-)

  3. One time years ago, my son gave me all the wrong room numbers on purpose, on back to school night. I couldn't find any of his teachers. It's funny now, it wasn't then. He's 43 now and turned out to be a wonderful father. I just hope his son(s) do that to him someday. Ha

  4. Too many projects and so little time!


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