Tuesday, August 30, 2011


I am making some progress on my $5.00 quilt.

I have ironed all 400+ squares.

 Sew them into 2 patches.

I am now working on 4 patches.

None of them are the same size, so instead of trimming 400+ squares I will deal with that when the blocks are much bigger. They then will be trimmed and put together for the top. This is such a fun project as there are "no rules". You see it will be a picnic quilt and those to me are "no-rule" quilts!

Have a super day!!


  1. Ok, laugh with me here....upon first glance ..I thought oh wow RHUBARB...just taking some out of my freezer- going to make an upside down sour cream rhubarb cake today....ohhh sorry this was about YOU lol. YOUR fabric pieces reminded me of rhubarb..your fault..oh yes back to you again...love the squares...ahhh excuse me 4 patches and there 400 of them there..holy cow, no wonder you don't have time to talk to me...lol. Ok back to you again...LOVE THE yellow bundle...oh my goodness..you are killing me- you know I love yellow....ok back to you..join me for coffee? lol Ok, that is about me again...but you do drink coffee..Listen it is 5 am I have been up already 2 hours..yes I know back to you...how are you ? lol

  2. Such a fun variety of fabrics. I love no rules quilting. Patterns are great starting points but I always get off on another tangent and change things up anyways.

    Madame Samm seems to have a bit of extra energy today, huh? LOL

  3. You are making progress...infact I think about you when I have all of these UFO"S sitting around and think, I should work a little here and a little there but then I get working on one thing and that is that....you are a fun inspiration tho.

  4. Wow. So how long did it take you to iron all 400+? I can't wait to see how it turns out. Sometimes the best pieces occur when one improvises.

  5. I hope you have a good movie or TV show on to do all that ironing! I remember you got the pieces for a great price. It's coming along so nicely.

  6. The four patches look great, but the bundles are gorgeous.

  7. Way to hang in there with all that ironing Jane!!
    Ok, I like to iron, so I would have LOVED to iron those for you...b-u-t since you're all finished I guess I'll have to find something of my own to iron!!!
    Lookin' good!!!

  8. 400 squares. that is a lot of ironing! Looking good.

  9. Fun quilt Jane...no rules is good!
    Julia ♥

  10. Uh...rules?...there are rules? Wow, all those little squares were each tied up individually?! And you are untying them, ironing them, sewing them...more than once...are you watching your back?...are they coming for you...the guys in the white coats...

    Can't wait to see this all done.

  11. I thought the same about the pan of rhubarb.... and I think Samm has way too much energy today... I see a 'Reliable' iron, do you like it.....it may have to be my next new purchase....Samm swears by it as the 'best'....but a computer may be on my 'to buy' list first. Happy stitching!!


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