Monday, March 22, 2010

No Crafter Here!!!

We had a very busy weekend, filled with fun, girls and food!!
Every year my husband has his softball team over to our home for an Easter Egg Hunt. A dozen high school girls running around outside our home finding eggs, going on a scavenger hunt and coming in for food. I always make mostaccioli, fruit salad, garden salad and warm garlic bread. For some reason unknown to me, they love the bread. I need to make a least ten 3 foot loafs of bread. Cut butter, garlic, pop in the over and eat!! This is great bonding experience for the girls and I believe it is our 15 year of having them over. Maggie will start High School next year so I will only have four more of these fun days left.

I did manage to fit in a small amount of sewing, nothing I can show you just yet.
That was our Saturday!!!

Sunday was filled with laundry and


Really I am not a crafter, not at all…
With all the wonderful tips I received for gifts for Mrs. G., nuts, I just had to try!!!
I started with a grocery, tote, whatever bag.
I have no idea what I am doing, so please this is NOT a tutorial, just what I am doing!!
I started with the Kyle’s Marketplace fabrics and cut them into 3 inch strips, then cur them in half so each strip was 22 inches long by 3 inches wide. I pieced them into one large piece of fabric.

Ironed all the seams to one side...

and trimmed it.....

Now here is where I had no idea what to do. I knew I wanted the bag to have a liner so this is what I did……
Right sides together…

I then sewed around all sides; but I left a little opening so I could turn my fabric inside out.

Fabric!! I did this twice so now I have a front and a back.

All that is left…
The bottom, sides, and handles.


This will take some research!!

But not now, right now Maggie has eight 14 year old girls here for pizza and to watch “New Moon”.

I love having the kids here!! They are darling!!
Thus ends Sunday!!!!
Hope you have a wonderful weekend too!


  1. Wow, you did have a fun filled weekend!! Great fun with all the teenagers Easter egg hunt! So far your bag is looking great!

  2. great thinking on the bag. i like how you are constructing it.

  3. You're going to need a week to recover from the weekend!!!

    Cute project! I love the fabric choices.

  4. W-A-Y too cute Jane!!! The polka dot is perfect for the insides!!

  5. What a fun weekend, Jane :)
    Your bag is looking very cute. The tiny dots for the lining are sweet!

  6. I used to love having Easter eggs hunts with our kids when they were little.
    I would be eating the garlic bread too. Yum! I would rather eat good bread than dessert.
    You can do it, make the bag.

  7. This brought back sweet memories of our kids and their Easter egg hunts..what fun...I loved to hear then laugh and have fun..
    Garlic bread Yumm!!
    sounds like you had a lot of fun too Jane.
    Julia ♥

  8. That does sounds like alot of fun and work....

    I just love that is really a two rag drool time for me!!

  9. Darling idea for the bag. Smartie. It is fun to have our kids friends at the house. I agree. I made breakfast for my son-in-laws family that was in town Sunday. It was nice to have them here, worth the extra work, so I know what you mean.

  10. I like your bag beginnings! I'm sure the rest will be as nice.

    I miss having the house full of kids. [sigh of sadness]


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