Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Japanese fabrics...

I worked a little more on my Japanese quilt. I have Nanette to thank (hmmm) for first showing me these fabrics. She has the most wonderful taste in fabrics and I soon as I saw them on her blog, I was hooked. In fact many of these are from her store and she led me to some wonderful fabric sites for Japanese fabric:

I found:

Sweet Flavor-Etsy ( just found something I must have)!!

I know there are many sites, these are the few I have used; Just Google and you will find many sites to choose from.

Now, I can only work on this quilt for an hour or so, I get so caught up on picking fabrics, I start to go cross-eyed. So, this quilt needs to go to bed for a while.
So without further ado….

More blocks…

This I believe you have already seen, but just in case....

New additions...

Weird, but when I look at how much I did, I cannot believe it took hours!

Yep, this baby and I mean me~~~

needs a nap too!


  1. Those fabrics are so interesting - so much to look at.

  2. They are really sweet! Love them all! You are right Nanette just has the best taste!

  3. I love the Japanese designs. Those are some great fabrics.

  4. I was introduced to Japanese fabrics by Nanette too. What isn't there to love about them. Thanks for the links--a couple I didn't have:-)

  5. Sweet fun fabrics Jane..How could you resist them..gorgeous!
    Julia ♥

  6. I'm not sure if I should apologize or congratulate you on the loveliness. They really are fun fabrics. Sigh. I could look at them all day.


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