Thursday, March 4, 2010

Thank you....

In my younger years cross stitching and embroidery were my favorite crafts, even though I quilted, I loved to stitch. As in this post I have explained my eye site situation. So, I can longer cross stitch, so quilting and fabric now became my passion.
Thanks go out to a lovely fellow blogger
Kaaren is the designer of many beautiful stitch projects. So, I thought if I can quilt and see to follow a line, why can’t I stitch?
So, I gave it a try…

Now this is just a try, but I was delighted to see that I could actually accomplish this procedure. I even remembered how to make french knots!! I do not think I am ready for Kaaren’s work but I owe her a huge thanks for the push and inspiration to pick up a craft I use to do as a little girl.
Please check out her blog tomorrow for her
First Friday Freebie
You will be delighted and inspired.
Thank you Kaaren, from the bottom of my heart!!


  1. Your post today truly warms my heart - it gives me so much pleasure to know that you're enjoying embroidery. I'm sitting here with tears in eyes and a smile on my face. Have fun!

  2. I jsut love your new blog layout! So bright and cheery! Jenn

  3. I'm so glad to hear that you're able to once again enjoy an old pastime.

  4. Good job! I can't wait to see what Kaaren has in store for us.

  5. So nice that you are giving something a try that you thought you had to give up! It looks like you are making wonderful progress and it is going to turn out just beautiful!

  6. Wow! I did not know your eyeball history! wow.

    Your snowman is adorable! So glad you are able to give embroidery another shot!


  7. That is awesome Jane, you will get to continue what you love to do!!

  8. I love to embroider! Your snowman is looking cute :)

    It's great to have a take along project or something little to work on.

  9. Jane, I'm so glad that you are getting to enjoy what you love doing most. Wishing you many more hours of sweet stitching bliss :)

  10. It looks terrific too. But wait....isn't it suppose to be almost spring? NO MORE snowmen!!!

  11. Looks great Jane!
    Happy stitching! :-)
    Now~ why do I have a bunch of 'test posts' from you in my blog list? What are you up to? :-)

  12. So glad you are giving this a go! Looks great so far!

  13. I'm elated to hear that you've given it a go, Jane. For me, that's what it's all about. To hear stories like yours and to not give up trying. You've made my day, week, month...heck, a year.

    Giant hugs to you my friend.


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