Saturday, March 6, 2010


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In 1950, my favorite princess came to life through the Disney studios. I was not even born, but in 1960, I was 5, yes 5, way before color TV’S, VCR’S, DVD’S, Blue Rays, T-VO and computers. If you wanted to see a movie you went to the theater. If you loved that movie, you hoped it was shown on TV, if you missed it, you have to wait a year or more for it to be show again.
As a little girl I loved princesses, but my favorite was Cinderella, and I had three that I adored.
It started with the Disney version, how I wanted that blue dress…

I cannot tell you how many times I pretended to be Lesley Ann Warren, I was 10, and I wanted her dress too….

Then in 1997, Brandy, she did an amazing job….Now being older I wanted Whitney Houston dress!!

Even at my ripe old age I have always wanted to be in a play, on a small stage nothing big, but a home town play where family and friends would come and watch.

I can dream, Cinderella’s dreams came true.
Who is your favorite princess? Let me know and I will send someone a surprise, next weekend!


  1. My FAVORITE princess was the late Princess Grace - a REAL LIVE princess! She was beautiful and graceful and lived in a fairytale land! If SHE doesn't "count" - I guess my favorite is Snow White - the first movie I ever saw in a theater and I screamed my head off, I was so scared - age? 3!

  2. In order . . . Aurora, Ariel, Belle ;) I am so excited the reopened Sleeping Beauty's Castle at Disneyland.

    I am going to have to learn to love Snow White though because my daughter looks JUST like her, and therefore, is going to be her for Halloween this year.

  3. I will have to give this some thought.....

    still thinking....


    I am going to have to go with Cinderalla too...not because you did but there is just a sense of romance about being poor, getting a beautiful gown, coach, losing a slipper and having a handsome prince come searching for me....yep...that would have to be it.

  4. My Favorite princess is Cinderella too and she is my darling Daughters too... so lovely and her singing is wonderful and she escapes from those horid step sisiters and step mother... she needed to get away and what better way than to marry a prince....Oh and we have a blue cinder dress as my DD calls it...and me I was a princess who went to a castle with the prince... when I married my darling Husband... my girls love watching our weding DVD and get so excited... it is so nice to see there faces....Romantics we are...
    Hugs Dawn x x x

  5. I love princess Aurora, Sleeping Beauty. I always have. I especially love the Disney version of her. I think my second favorite is Ariel and then Cinderella. What a fun post!

  6. Of all the Disney princesses, I would have to say I like Cinderella the best. She displays character traits that we all need ... patience, hard work, hope, good humor, love of others, respect.

    But for real life princesses, my very favorite is my own Princess Grace. She's 5 and a princess for sure, including the 'beautiful singing voice' which she will tell you is 'her special gift from God' at which it is all we can do not to bust a gut laughing. Sad to say, she comes by her (lack of) singing ability honestly, but it doesn't stop her! Precious!


  7. Roger's and Hammerstein's version of Cinderella is doing a national touring show and is coming to my town in the spring. I was just telling my family that someone needs to go with me because I loved that version of Cinderella, I remember seeing that one with Leslie Ann Warren when I was little and my mother bought us the album with Julie Andrews I think. I still remember all the words.
    Belle's my favorite - a princess that likes to read.

  8. When DD was young she loved The Little Princess movie and in particular the line 'all girls are princesses'~ we've always called her our princess. ;-) We had all the other movies too~ and I made most of them as Halloween costumes. LOL

  9. I would have to say that my favorite would have to be Aurora from Sleeping Beauty.

    I hate to see them do a remake of the great stories as they are with Alice in Wonderland. There was something wonderful about fairy tales.

  10. I teach. I have a Cinderella chair in my classroom. I painted it with birdies and ribbons. It is waiting for her to come and visit me. I also have brown hair. When Leslie Ann Warren became Cinderella, I was too. She had brown hair! I only have one son. The closest I got to making the blue dress was making a white power ranger costume. We read Cinderella in 2nd grade and I play a clip from that movie for the kids....Ten minutes ago I saw you...I looked up as you came through the door...You know the rest I'm sure! Thanks for sharing a Cinderella moment with me. Keep your fingers crossed that she comes to visit me!

  11. From my earliest memories, Aurora was my favorite princess. My Mother says that when I was barely 2 I would go around saying "Where Sleeping Bleauty???" I always wanted a color changing dress like she has in the final scene when she's dancing with the prince!

  12. Well, of course my fave is whichever of my 5 girls I am with at the moment. My 4yo asks, "Do I look like a princess?" whenever we dress her to go out if we fail to mention it ourselves.
    Even in her denim and pigtails, she DEFINITELY looks like a princess...of course.

    I loved princess Di although her story was so sad and short.

    Cinderella would be my fave Disney princess. I'd love to walk (float?) with grace like she does!

    Lucy (in IN)

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  14. Belle. Definitely Belle. She's graceful and pleasant but also stubborn and...dominant? Is that the word? Whatever she is when she stands up to the Beast when he's being a jerk to her. I love that...she's taking care of him and he yells at her and she just yells right back. LOVE IT.

  15. I AM Cinderella! (Long story)

    I too "was" Leslie Anne Warren. I'm just 5 years younger than you. I still know every word to every song. And I was going to wear that beautiful dress with the ermine collar as my wedding dress. Didn't do it but that's okay.

    Do you have or have you seen the original TV broadcast with Julie Andrews as Cinderella? amazing.

    You can only imagine my delight when as a freshman in college my son was cast as the Herald!! I saw all 8 nights of the show at Campbell University. Twas heavenly.

    Now I gotta go sit in my own little corner of my own little room!

  16. My favourite was Cinderella. I have some of the decorative plates of her when she is in her ballgown with her Fairy Godmother. I always wanted a fairy godmother.

  17. My daughter (15) and her friends all have princess assignments and she is Cinderella. They carry thie theme to all gift giving and when they have sleep overs they only watch Princess movies... so at first I was going to say that makes me one of the wicked (step) mothers, but I have decided that I am the godmother!

  18. My favorite Princess is my granddaughter Keely.
    Keely is 5 and is Cinderella one day, Snow White another and our Princess Keely the next. She is adorable in her blue Cinderella dress....or her many others. Good thing that her fairy grandmother loves to sew for her!!! Have a great week.

  19. Oh My JANE...Me too! Me too!
    I L-O-V-E-D the Leslie Ann Warren
    version....You just sooooo made my
    day...I loved the clip...sniff...
    sniff....I haven't seen any of this in years and years. Thank You berry berry much for sharing this!!!
    I also was in admiration of Geneviere in Camelot too!!

  20. My favorite Disney princess is Aurora, always has been. :)

  21. My favorite princess was Princess Diana. She got married on my anniversary, and I remember watching the beautiful wedding on TV. What a wedding dress! She had such charm and class, and I loved seeing her clothing. It's so sad her life ended so tragically.

  22. My favourite princess was Lady Di but I always wanted to be a princess when I was little too .

  23. Me too, Diana - she's still in my heart and I am not a Royalist!!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  24. I was more of a tomboy growing up so princesses didn't have a big impression on me. But, a modern day princess movie I liked was Princess Giselle in Enchanted. She was so kind, had such a positive outlook on everything and made a difference in people's lives. Good qualities for all of us to emulate.

  25. I have two little princesses - my
    4-year-old great grand daughters, Madison (the redhead)and Morgan (the brunette). We call them the M&M girls and when they put on their princess costumes they surely do become enchanted. They take their little wands and grant all Gramm's wishes.

  26. i love snow white. because everyone used to say i looked like her with my dark hair and really pale skin.

    but personally i really love belle because she was sparky...and i like sparky!

  27. Another Cinderella here! Also, Giselle, because if I could get someone else to clean my house (even if it WAS pigeons and rats) I would totally do it! (Although I might have to leave while it was going on...)

    I played Cinderella in "Into the Woods" in high school. Not exactly the same, but my mom (master seamstress that she is) did whip me up a blue dress nearly identical to the Disney version. Wish it still fit....


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