Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A few things.....

I think I almost like red as much as I do pink; but that would make sense right?! I made a few red 4 patch blocks for a lovely blogger who is going through a tough time. All the blocks will be made into a quilt for her. Here are mine...

I also won a giveaway!!

Jackie over at Canton Village Quilt Works was having a wonderful giveaway and I was one of the lucky winners!!

I won the purse Pattern Sassy Connie

By Izzy & Ivy....

I told Jackie, it is funny but I have never made a purse and was so excited to win the pattern as I know them to be wonderful and easy to follow.

Thanks, Jackie


  1. Great squares Jane, and that bag pattern you won is fabulous! I'm almost jealous!

    I stuck with the old editing format in blogger and spell check is right on the task bar in Compose mode. Don't know about the new editing format though. I tried it for a few days and didn't like it since I couldn't figure out how to get my videos onto my website. Sometimes change is not good!

    Have fun making your bag. I know you'll enjoy it and with your selection of fabrics to choose from, yours will turn out just great!


  2. Wonderful squares...we were suppose to only make two right? The signature and the other...if not I am in big trouble.

    I have not had trouble with blogger, sorry.

  3. Congratulations on the win. I love red too. I read up on spell checker and it says it made it automatic so that a misspelled word is underlined in red. I like the button too.

  4. http://www.haveyoumetus.net/michelle/blog/?p=1678

    You're not the only one having the blogger problem - see my solution for you :)

  5. I love the red and white blocks, too pretty!! And you are quite welcome. I can't wait to see what fabrics you will choose for the bag. Although, I know it is probably one of many things on your long lists of things to do, right?

    I don't use the new editor, I tried it and did not like it. So I stuck to the old editor. I didn't like the way the pictures loaded. I guess I was just used to the old one and it is quicker for me. However, I am not resistant to change, just this particular one.

  6. LUCKY!! That Jackie has wonderful stuff.

  7. The only thing better than pink or red is pink and red together! Love the win. It is fun to win isn't it.

  8. Pretty blocks, Jane!
    Congrats on the win! The purse pattern is wonderful :)

  9. Congrats on winning. You will love making your own purse. Bags are fun. I always add pockets on the inside to suit what I carry. :)

    The quilt is such a sweet idea! Lucky friend. The blocks are great!


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