Monday, March 29, 2010

No Crafter Here!!! Part Two….

Let’s see now, where did I leave off?

Aha, I need the handles, the bottom and basically to make the bag. I did a lot of searching on blogs for a grocery tote bag. Many tutorials came up, many I read, advice I asked,
What in the world are they talking about!!!!

So, I just used some common sense and plowed through it:

First handles, do not ask I have no idea, and I then put the front and back of the tote right sides together and sewed around three edges…… here they are….

Ok turn inside out, hmmm really big bag!!

Next I attach the handles. I measured from each side so they would be even when held.

Sew the handles on, I know !!! Not the best but they were secure!!

TaDa, My first tote!!!

There are so many things I would do different. I do however like it for my first bag and the size will be perfect for the table-topper.




  1. Good for you. That tote will be the envy of shopper who see it!

  2. Good job Jane. I love the fabrics you chose. Perfect for grocery day!

  3. It looks fabulous and will be so practical. The fabric is absolutely perfect.

  4. It looks fabulous, just perfect for shopping..Julia ♥

  5. You finished it off so well, Jane. Very cute bag for shopping :)

  6. Wow Jane....I would even do your shopping for you if I could carry that bag!!! HA!

  7. The fabrics make it such a fun bag. Great job tackling your first tote bag!

  8. Super tote. I love, love, love the fabric. It would make grocery shopping a bit more fun. You did a fabulous job.

    I come via Freda's Hive and want to invite you over to my giveaway. It's my 200th post celebration. Hope I see you there!

  9. The tote looks fabulous! Well done!

  10. Just marvelous! I love the fabric, the design, and handles! :-)


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