Monday, November 17, 2008

What a Mail day!!!!!

Boy oh boy, was Saturday the best mail day ever, I got not one or two but three special packages.
I was lucky enough to be a tester of one of sarah smith’s new products, I am not sure if she needs anymore testers but here is her link and her words on this WONDERFUL product. She sent not one but 6 clothes, yes one is already missing and in the hands of the YD. Go take a peek. Sarah Smith

Sarah's Words"
We have about one hundred test pieces of our new Microfiber Screen Cloth which we think is brilliant at keeping Laptop & desktop screens, LCD TVs, iPhones and all other manner of mobile and digital gadgetry free of smudges, fingerprints and other obscuring goo that clouds the view and frustrates our eyes!No cleaning chemicals needed just a gentle rub with one of these beauties will keep your screen crystal clear and user friendly.Volunteers to give one a whirl should apply with a "Yes please I'd love to test drive a Sarah Smith Microfiber Screen Cloth in a wacky pattern print" to info at sarah-smith dot co dot uk .All we ask is that you send us a little feedback. Don't worry we will send you the questions (probably four of them we like to keep things simple!)A huge THANK YOU in advance! "

Also in that picture are two pink tissue wrapped gifts for people who read this blog, so they will have to remain a mystery.

Number three, I was lucky enough to win LoraLynn's giveaway. She said it was the first apron she ever made, I just love it! look at the pocket and the pot holder. I will be wearing this on Thanksgiving, thank you so much!!.

One more item, I cannot believe that I did not show you the cottages I received, shame on me, here they are and I love them all so very much, thanks girls for all your hard work.

Have a super day.


  1. Lovely mail! I just love those days with the wonderful packages.

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Okay, let's get some of those unfinished things over and done with. I'm working on mine and hope I inspire you to work on yours. Lovely gifts. Great apron. Love your houses!

  3. I tested the Sarah Smith cloths too. Too pretty to use. I found them a big too large for their intended purpose. Great cottages.

  4. I use the regular cleaning cloths by Sarah Smith (they sell them in supermarkets over here in the UK) and they are great. If you are taken by the screen cloth, let me know, I can send you some cleaning cloths over (if you find it hard to buy them over there)

  5. You always post pictures which make me drool! My keyboard needs tissues. x

  6. Lucky you. I love the house blocks.

  7. Yeah!! Mail is so fun to get!!! Lucky gal!

  8. Great blocks! I wish I had gotten in on this one!!


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