Thursday, November 13, 2008

Christmas Village Day Three....

Yes, A very productive day. The Dickens village is done!! Yippee!! I am up in my office because my YD will not let me into the living room; she is setting up the North Pole Village, and wants to surprise me. So, I thought I would take you on a tour of our Dickens town…
Let’s start with the cozy home of Bob Cratchet, see his children out front playing?

They live right next door to Scrooge’s nephew Fred. However, right next to Fred is the home of Ebenezer Scrooge, Wait, who is that with him, what you cannot see Marley, only me? Trust me he is there!

Ahh, the counting house, I bet not too many flowers are sold in front of that building! Oh look, there is the Fezziwig’s wagon delivering parcels to costumers. What, oh now you see the Ghost of Christmas past, they are peeking in to see how kind good old Fezziwig was, maybe after a trip to the graveyard, Ebenezer will have a change of heart.

We are now heading into the busy part of town. The train is due soon, but you can get a paper or a pretzel while you wait.

Look, it is Bob, and Tiny Tim, they are going to the tree lighting ceremony.

Wow, the Timbers Hotel (name of the street we live on) is really hopping.

There are lots of specials in town this night, toys, china or clocks. Look there is Mr. Wonderful waiting for his wife who is in Jane’s Quilt Shop.

She promised that they could go right next door for a cup of hot chocolate from the factory. It seems as if the town is full of the hustle and bussel of people everywhere. How grand!!

Day three part two, North Pole Village.

Why is it, I took three days to put up the Dickens Village and my YD took two hours and we even stopped at the store after school to buy a new house for the North Pole? She says I am too particular about where I place things, of course, she is right, and how would it look to have the chocolate factory by the graveyard?!

Well, on to the tour of the North Pole, first stop Mr. and Mrs. Clause’s House. Look at their beautiful tree out front.

The North Pole is such a busy place. Let’s take a walk around town and look at all the factories.

Here we go…

First up our new Snow Bank..

What do we have here…

Why let’s stop to play a game of Sorry or eat some Gingerbread…

Here we can draw, eat M& M’s or Hop a ride on the fun train…

Do you need warm hats or mittens?

Even Elves need to go to school and reindeer's need their rest…

Mmmm, how about a fresh gumdrop and then stop in for a new ornament for your tree…

Oooo !!! the whole street smells like fresh PlayDoh...

How about a fresh cookie with sprinkles from the bakery and a stop at the Barbie factory?

This would be Mommy’s favorite part of the North Pole, an elf playing toss the ring on Rudolph’s nose…

Thank you for staying with us on this journey. I promise, I will not make you go through the mantel setup!!!!


  1. Oh, my goodness!! I need to come back and read everything about this charming village!! How fun!

  2. Wow.. that was a lot of work. But worth it!
    Both my mom and my mother-in-law had Dicken's villages too. It was always easy to buy them something for Christmas. :-)

  3. Very pretty. Now my cat would sure enjoy touring your villages.

  4. you are doing such a wonderful job!!!! I'd have to keep the village up all year through!

  5. What a job!!! It looks lovely though! With 5 kids one being 3, and a dog i just cant imagine. I will just enjoy your village instead. :o)


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