Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Vintage Thingies Thursday (Really Wednesday)

Please do not think poorly of me but I am re-posting. I wrote this post before I knew many of you and before I joined Vintage Thingies Thursday. It holds such special memories for me, I thought I would share it again. sorry for cheating!!!

I thought I would share a little bit about my childhood. I loved Barbie, I was born September 16, 1955 and Barbie was born on March 9th 1959. I got my first Barbie for Christmas 1960.

This is my case....

In those days you would get a little booklet with your doll

and I would spend hours looking and hoping for certain outfits. You had one doll, and the outfits were sold separately.

I then was lucky enough to get Ken, her boyfriend,

Midge her best friend

and Skipper her little sister.

One Christmas I received the whole Wedding Party Outfit. It was the best!

I still have my Barbie things and whenever my girls, (27, 24, 12) were sick, they would be allowed to play with my Barbie and clothes. When I was little, I would go to bed and when I would wake up in the morning my Barbie had a new outfit on ,that my Mom had made for me! I know some of the items look old and very well loved and may be worth money, but I would not part with them, not even for a million dollars!!


  1. My sister was a dressmaker and my nieces had Barbie clothes by the case full. Once when they went to Sydney by car a two day trip they had a case full of new clothes each for Barbie.

  2. That brings back memories I was born in 1961, I gave all mine away, cry cry

    Thanks for sharing

  3. Hi. Tanks for bringing back great memories. I also got my first Barbie early in the 60. And my mother loved to make clothes too, she still make dolls and clothes for them. I still got Barbie , Ken, Midge and Skipper somewhere in the house...

  4. Thank you for bringing back wonderful memories. I was born in 1953. I recieved my first Barbie the summer of 1960. She was an elegant doll in my little eyses.

  5. Oh the things we get rid of and regret later. I had Barbie, Midge, Skipper, and Scooter.

  6. Oh I love love love this post. Especially the part where you wake up and Barbie has a new mommy-made outfit. that is terrific! You were a lucky little girl. I made my own Barbie most of her clothes.. and still have her. She is the reason I learned to sew! I know Barbie gets a bad rap.. but she holds a very special place in my heart.. and yours too.

  7. Oh I adored my Barbie's. My niece has the trunk full that my sisters and I played with.

  8. Sweet we were born the same year Disney girls..thank you for your share and I would love to join the Vintage Thingies could you let me know how Im a oldies collector of all things old...

  9. Hi Jane
    I kept my Barbies as well and my 3 girls loved playing with them. They had hand made clothes too. They loved playing with my old things more than their new stuff! It's all about sentiment for girls. Having daughters is great!

  10. What's the deal with music on your blog? Where does it come from, does it cost anything ... I'm new to blogging but music is an interesting touch!

  11. Love the trip down memory lane with Barbie! thanks for sharing all those wonderful outfits.

  12. Oh Jane! I could nearly cry with that post. I have such good memories. You have kept all your barbies!!! Sigh. Not me. Well I did have some but when my parents moved from PA to UT they had to sacrifice some things that wouldn't fit into the truck. Toys and vintage christmas ornaments did not make the cut. At the time, I was disappointed but I was only 17. Now I could scream. Your stuff is so amazingly well preserved. That is a great loot there. I was born in 57. I had hand-me down barbies - not complaining! from my sisters. Then when I was 7 I got my own and I was obsessed. I would go to the toy department and stand there wanting it ALL. I had a true love. But then "thing maker" came along and I got older and moved on. I am so glad you have your originals. That makes them so incredibly special. I've kept better care of my girls dolls and he clothes I made for them. At least I learned! Thank you for posting this. I loved it.

  13. Love your "Barbie" post. I was born May 24, 1955. I got my first Barbie for Christmas early 60s, not sure what year. She was a red head--short. I never had very many ready made clothes but my mom and grandmother made me many, many clothes. I had Ken, Midge, and Alan, Midges's boyfriend. My case had Barbie on the front, a large picture of just her. Thanks for the trip down Memory Lane.


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