Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I can't seem to get enough.....

You know what I mean ,the Christmas Cottages, I love them so, I can't seem to get enough. I have been doing some private swaps with girls that were not in my group and wanted to share their work with you.
First, I was in Nanette's group but not her "group" she sent a Cottage to everyone, here is mine, I so wish I knew how to enlarge my pictures, but alas, I have to idea. Here is the best picture I could get.
Look at the cute sunbonnet sues....

I also exchange with Eileen who was in Terri's group, look at what she sent me. Some of her fabric is real reproduction,I just love the red bricks......

Also a block from Stephanie, who knows I adore pink....Look at the little lace curtains...

I am expecting three more but would be happy to exchange with anyone else! If you would like to swap just email me at.....

pnkcndy at sbcglobal dot net

Have a Happy Day! Wait, I think the mail is here yippee!!!!


  1. I can not wait to see how you put all of your Christmas cottages together!

  2. You are too funny! I saw the exchange you did earlier. Can't wait to see the final result!

  3. I wanna play! I'll email you right now!

  4. ha-ha.. I know what you mean. I couldn't get enough of those cottages either! I was so happy to exchange with you. Your block was fabulous. :-)

  5. Are they hard to make? I would love to do them.
    Still a beginner I think. I'm afraid to read anything "intermediate" because of directions

  6. I love the blocks you sent to me - all of them! But I have special plans for a few of the blocks. Thank you Jane.

  7. Oh Jane, you're very creative...I like this blog!
    Btw, thanks for your comment to my post at "B&W project". I really appreciated and for sure I'll need your help as soon as I'll start my project:)


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