Friday, November 14, 2008

What a Fun Day.....

What a fun day…
After a long week of village building, I was ready for an outing. Elaine (no blog) and I went to a quilt show about 30 minutes from our homes. There were hundreds of quilts on display, even quilts from other parts of the world, Japan, Australia, South Africa to name a few. Of course I took pictures and would love to share them with you!

This is Elaine (no blog) standing in front of this amazing quilt.

This one was made out of petals…

Look at the quilting…

Someday I hope to make this quilt because I have a lot of 1930 prints…

Can you believe this one!!!

I love Black and White and the little touch of red…

I just enjoyed these..

Now on to the best one there! At least Elaine and I thought so…This quilt was made by a 72 year old woman. It is king size but I only took two close ups. She made this whole quilt out of hexagons, the large hexagons were made up of smaller ones no bigger than a quarter of an inch. It was unbelievable.
This is just a normal close up..

Each one of those hexagons were made up of hundreds of more!!!

After the quilts, a quick snack and on to the vendors! Here are some not all of the fabrics I got today. I needed more Christmas fabric because I want to make more cottages.

My MD who is getting married in 2010 would like a blue and yellow quilt, so I did find some today. I think it is a good start.

I would like to make a pink cottage wall hanging for my office, so here are some pinks…

The quilt show was great but our day was not over yet! We made a quick stop at IKEA, and then Elaine introduced me to the Fisher Nut Factory where they happened to have an outlet store. With pecans, chocolate nonpareils, chocolate sponge candy, sprinkles for Christmas cookies and something gummy, it was time to go home. A super fun day, thanks Elaine.
I hope everyone has a safe and fun weekend.


  1. It sounds like you had my kind of day!! The quilts are amazing. I love every single one you took a picture of...and the fabrics are great. What a great way to top off your day with some snacks. Sounds perfect to me!

  2. What a fun day. That hexagon quilt is just amazing. Wonder how old she was when she started it! Great piles of fabric.

  3. Sounds like a fun day! Thanks for sharing the photos of the quilts. They are all great! I also love the hexagon one. Wonder how long it took to complete. Your fabric stash looks good too!

  4. Ohhh.. so THIS is Elaine-No Blog. Elaine.. you need to start a blog!

    I LOVE all the quilts from the show. WOW! You need to make that one with the diferent 30's blocks. I would love to see you blog along about it. :-)

  5. oh, I love your blog. I found you on the quilting blog site.
    Yes isn't it amazing how every quilt in the world is different.
    I love the thirties patterns and want to make a nine patch.
    Haven't found any site here in Canada, but hope to find some in florida this winter.

  6. What a wonderful day, and what wonderful quilts you shared with us!! Email me about the thread catcher bag when you have a chance!

  7. What a day!! Thanks for taking us along! Love all your fabs!

  8. I was at this quilt show too! The rose quilt was amazing and may win viewers choice. It was one of 2 quilts everyone was talking about.


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