Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Christmas Village Day 2

Well, today started out better than yesterday. I got the table all set and ready for houses

When, I then had to sit down and untangle a ball of lights the size of Frosty. OK, all done, Now, let’s check them. When I was a little girl my dad would give us the box of lights and it was our job to put them in the cord and test them, I Loved That Job, guess what? , not such fun now….Out of 50 or so, only a few worked, So, it was off to the hardware store. Yes, they had some but not all that I needed. So, it was off to Michaels, got things I Did Not need. Then, off to Joann’s to find the last of the lights. Pulled up to my home, hmmm, I will grab the mail, YIPPEE, my Christmas Cottage Blocks arrived. Village on Hold! I ran up to my sewing room, opened the package, and My Breath was taken away by what was before me, some of the Most Beautiful cottages, I had ever seem. I was In Lovewith each and every one.

Really, back to the village, Well, just a quick quick check of my email. What, I won My Art, My So Called Life’s Giveaway. ME, I WON. Happy Dance around the sewing room.

OK, now for sure, work Jane work. Here are the lights all lit and ready for their homes.

A few houses up and lit…

Dickens accessories, trees, people, log piles, etc still left….

North Pole not started yet…

A BIG mess starting to mound in the room…

Another of my favorite things, The Graveyard with Ebenezer and the ghosts…

Well, we have had a busy day, till tomorrow.


  1. Your house is going to be decorated for Christmas soon! Spectacular. I'm excited for you. Glad the cottages came.

  2. Christmas is about people and sharing the love. Thanks I have never seen houses like your before.


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