Monday, February 16, 2009

"Just Because"

Isn’t it wonderful to have friends that send you surprises, “just because” Look at the fun treats I got from my friend Terri from Purple and Paisley. She knows that I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of our daughter’s baby, our first grand child. Look at my fun grandma things.

There is a little chick who is sitting on my printer waiting for the new arrival. A beautiful frame, hmmm whose picture should I put in that?

A tote bag Terri made for me; I have never seen my name spelled out liked that, and guess what I love it!! She used my favorite colors and let me tell you, it will get a lot of use.

She also knows that we are big Snoopy fans in our home, so the baby will now have his/her first Snoopy book, to read, suck, chew and slobber on.

Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness Terri, I will keep everyone posted. Who needs a blog! You will hear me shout from the hospital when the baby arrives!!!



  1. Aren't blogging friends totally terrific? (Did you see what I did there? ... Terri-fic? :-D ... Don't groan! I thought it was clever!) x

  2. How nice!! Very thoughtful and fun!

  3. yippee! i'm so glad you like the baby gifts...can't wait for you to be a grandma!

  4. How sweet and thoughtful of Terri and so darn CUTE!

  5. Yes...what a wonderful 'grandma'
    goodie package...Teri is very
    thoughtful indeed. I am sooo
    excited for you too...I just LOVE
    being 'Granny' AND you will too!!!
    (clapping hands) You're just NOT
    going to believe how WONDERFUL that
    little one is going to be!!!

  6. What a nice surprise for you. Makes you get even more excited for the little one to come.

  7. Terri is wonderful!!!

    grandma Jane, I love it!

  8. Such wonderful gifts..and oh you are going to love that grandma thing so much!!

  9. Such cute gifts...congrats to you!

  10. Grandma Jane has a nice ring to it. Hope all goes well.

    I also liked your mystery quilt - very bright and perfect for quilting in the spring.

  11. Lucky you, Jane - Terri is such a sweetie!

  12. Oh I love all these things Terri sent.. she is so thoughtful and creative.
    Can't WAIT to hear you shout the news! :-D

  13. how sweet is she...actually i know darn well what a sweetie she is. she helped me out with my blog. so are you getting used to the phrase...grandma jane?


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