Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Baby Shower Invitations.....

This Sunday is my oldest daughter’s Baby Shower. It is being given at our home by her two younger sisters. So far the only thing I can show you are the invitations the girls made. They are really getting into scrap-booking. There is even a map printed on the back to find our home. Each block on the front was stamped, cut, colored, glittered and turned into a sticker. The envelopes were lined with paper to match the address label and sent off to family. More pictures of the shower next week. This week no quilting, shower preparations and working.

PS They do look a little different with all the information visible!!!

Have a super day!!


  1. i am so excited about you becoming a grandma! darn it...if you hadn't blacked out the info, i was planning on coming to the shower! ☺ tell you daughter to have a wonderful time! ♥

  2. Showers are so fun. Especially baby showers. What a great time for your whole family.

  3. Looks like you have raised some girls who are crafty just like you. Isn't it fun when you share a common interest. How fun, a grandbaby..... I want one, do you think someone will have a grandbaby giveaway??? HEEHEE

  4. Let the fun begin, Jane! I think you're going to be a fantastic gramma - and your new grandchild some crafty and creative nieces for sure!

  5. I love baby showers. everyone is so excited and surely happines reigns for the new mother! Have fun.


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