Monday, February 2, 2009

Show and tell…

More like buy and tell…..

First I could not pass up fabric from the line Katie Jump Rope. I got his wonderful fabric from the Material Girls. I have some plans for this.

I also got the pattern for the large Christmas Mitten that was posted on Hooked on Needles. Mary Grace took the time to call Mary Maxim to see if they still had the pattern and they did, close-out for 6.99. I am very excited.

More Glenna fabric, I just love her lines. I did not want to open the fabric packs. She ships them tied in pretty ribbon. MMMM, they are wonderful, she also sent me a treat, flower pins which I needed and a magnetic pin holder which I do not have. Thanks Glenna! Get to her etsy shop before I go get more!!!

I also get some things from Nanette's Etsy Shop. Her "All Dressed Up Quilt" pattern. this pattern comes via email so you can start right away!! Also, A great pack of fabric and embellishments.

I am only going to show you a few of the fabrics, just enough to wet your whistle, you will have to go to Nanette’s etsy shop and get your own set. Believe me you will not be disappointed.

Look at the embellishments,

see my yellow flower pin, look at the small and darling buttons .

Of course, Nanette being Nanette, and being a true friend, she added some goodies for me, take a peek. She does not realize what a true gifted quilter she is. Once again, this will never touch a pot or pan, It will hang like art in my office. Thank you Nanette! xoxoxo

Jane = Pink, Glitter, Fabric & Chocolate


  1. I LOVED this show and tell. All of your fabrics are amazing! Good for you! And the potholders from Nanette are wonderful!

  2. I'm off to check out those sellers ... NOW! x

  3. oh my...swoon! such wonderful fabric. i need to get on to ordering from nanette...i want that dresses pattern too!

  4. Jane, so glad you got your mitten kit! But all that fabric! Deeeelicious! You are one lucky girl!


  5. What a good day for you and fun stuff.....makes me want to go and sew or buy...hummmm which is more fun???

  6. Great show and tell. Love it all. Nanette gave you some nice goodies. They wouldn't touch a pan here either. :)

  7. oh, yummy stuff! can i come live with you? now? ☺

    thank you, my friend, for keeping in touch with me while i was in florida...i missed you, too! ♥

  8. Thanks Jane. Love all the fabric. I told you I made a mistake. After I sent the package I saw your pink pot holder sitting on my back table. I realized I picked up the wrong one! I will have to make that right. So expect another one. Then you'll have a mismatched pair. I kind of feel like half a mismatched pair somedays! Thanks again.

  9. Wow - you'll be kept busy for quite a while, Jane! And Nanette is such a sweetheart!

  10. Wow, did you ever have a shopping spree! F-U-N!! I had also purchased Nanette's All Dressed Up pattern, so cute and you are right it comes fast.

  11. ooo.. love all the fabric stacks.. gorgeous! Thanks for the eye-candy. I can certainly see some of those made up into Nanette's dress pattern. :-) Is that your plan?

  12. Wow, nice collection, Jane.
    There's nothing like bright beautiful fabric to add some color to the white winter.
    Nanette's potholders are precious!
    Enjoy the goodies!!

  13. Really fun stuff Jane! Lots of happiness!!

  14. Love your show and tell Jane! Good stuff! ooxx`jodi


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