Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Zig-Zag Progess

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It was so much fun!

The winner of the scraps is

"The One and Only"


Moving on…….

Yes I have shown this picture before but here she is again!

I just could not decide on a border so I have decided to try a different quilting method.
I have no idea what it is called, so I will just say the…

Big Stitch “Stitch”

I took my marker and marked lines ¼ of an inch from the zig- zags.

Next, I will pin all the layers. (How do you like that fancy bowl of pins)!

When she is all marked and pinned, I will start to do the big Stitch “Stitch” using my

finca threads.

I am very excited to start to work on this, but
Alas pinning to me, is just the worst job of all!!! So I may be awhile!


  1. I believe it's called the 'primative' stitch. I love to use it as it gives great texture. This is going to be stunning - great colors.

  2. Love your design and the colours!

  3. I guess the quilt police will drag me away some day, but the big stitch is probably what my hand quilting would be called!! I try to get them smaller, but no dice! Love your zigzag - just gorgeous!
    Jacque in SC

  4. Enjoying the process of your should look fantastic!

  5. I am really glad that the big stitch is becoming popular - I still can't hand quilt because of my arthritis, but I sure do admire it and who wouldn't in those colors. Judy C sends her best

  6. This quilt is one of my favorites. I love the bright dots against the white. I'm going to guess that you have tested out how well those markers wash out. I like big outline stitches on zig zag quilts. The pinning is my least favorite part too.

  7. Love how this is turning out. And just think of that big stitch as a classic sashiko stitch - ha ha. I made one of these for a swap and I wrestled it through my machine. It turned out ok - but whew! A lot of wrestling!

  8. Jane what do you mean you don't have followers? I can see them when I pull up your posts. blessings, marlene

  9. I LOVE that quilt with that stitch!! I want to do one now. Thanks! I need another project like I need a hole in my head! :)

  10. I just read your post on stash manicure and had to laugh as I was wondering recently if there were any hand quilters around anymore. I too hand quilt, but am adventuring into machine stitching and don't have a walking foot! So the fact that I just recently made a hotpad and attempted to machine quilt it, and you did as well, was kind of deja vu.

  11. Love your colorful quilt. Pinning is NOT my favorite job either!! Can't wait to buy some fabulous threads from you!
    Love ya

  12. Heh I like this obviously, now tell me that means big stitch...meaning big stitch...OK< I like this... where is your green

  13. I can't wait to see how it comes out with the pearl cotton.
    I like to hand stitch, find it relaxing, but not on big quilts;)
    Way too hot to do anything today, so sitting around and thinking about what i want to do, lol. Tomorrow we will go and get a new air conditioner to replace the one that died when we turned it on, ugh.


  14. Good morning Jane, well it is here! I finally got around to reading my sub email from Stash Manicure...and read your great tutorial on string paper didn't mention whether to change the length of the stitches when sewing them? I've noticed others who say to shorten your machines stitch length to get the paper out easier.....just wondering with the way you get the paper out, if that's still a necessity??? I'm fairly new to quilting and patchworking so apologise for the silly question! that you'd have baked a cake if you knew I was coming....should I book a visit next time so you can bake it? lol Hugs Naomi

  15. I popped over and looked at that thread. It looks beautiful. I am thinking of beginning hand applique soon. Do you know what would be good thread for that?

  16. I love it! I have seem people use big thread like Perle cotton and do a large running stitch for their quilting and it looks just great! On a high contrast quilt like this one, it will be superb!

    Guess what I'm piecing together today? My red and aqua squares! Can you believe it's taken me this long? And now I'm on the hunt for a great backing fabric...I'm thinking Michael Miller's Plain Jane Lil Daisy in turquoise would be perfect if I can only find 6 yards of it at a reasonable price! Always something fun happening in the sewing room, right?


  17. I love your zigzag quilt! Beautiful colors and very fun with dots. It's going to be stunning with your big bread stitches and have a lovely texture. Happy stitching!

  18. Oh, I meant 'big thread' stitches :)


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