Friday, June 17, 2011

This and That....

I just love summer! It is my favorite time of the year. I do not mind the heat and loath AC. I have been reading this book for some great tips on keeping cool! LOL!!

I love the long days, softball games, swimming, walks in the evening and of course some sewing.
My FAVORITE Holiday is right around the corner. I adore the Fourth of July (even more than Christmas, shocking I know).

I did get a bit of sewing done.

I finished these wonky stars for my Wonky Bee. We were sent Sherbet Pips, LOVE this fabric.

Thank you for your help in picking fabrics to go with my strawberry stitchery. I have decided to make it very scrappy and use 2 ½ inch squares placed in a random order with the basket as the center “star”. So today I started to cut fabrics, some of which are from Glenna Haileyl’s line “Rise and Shine” I love the 40’s feel of her fabric! She also has a fun blog! Take a peek.

Well, that’s it for today.
I wish a wonderful weekend to you and your family and the Dad.s Grandfathers, Uncles, and men in your life!


  1. Your basket will be beautiful! I adore the wonky stars ... I've still to make some myself :) I think it'd be a real challenge to me to not be straight ... Extreme type-a ya' know :) Enjoy the weekend dearheart! Every moment!!

  2. Great fabrics to coordinate with your strawberry basket!

  3. Let's see if Blogger will let me leave a comment. (grrrr)
    Anyway... I've never met anyone who likes 4th of July more than Christmas. Good for you!

  4. It is so nice to meet someone as patriotic as myself - 4th of july all the way - I will find me some fireworks that day. Judy C loves those wonky blocks.

  5. I just love your did a fabulous job and the fabrics you have chosen as well....

    Stay COOL!!

  6. Oh, I love summer too and hate the AC. The minute my husband leaves in the morning I turn it up to over 80 til he gets home. I'd rather it broke down!!!

  7. Your baskets are going to do great justice to that fabric!! :o) Thanks for including them!

  8. Wonderful projects. I need to do some work on my braids and think of something new for an art piece, to have for hand sewing on the weekend.


  9. AC? Who can afford that? We open our windows and switch on the attic fan! Even here in South Carolina, we stay cool and comfy! (In fact, it's chilly at night! Gotta pull up the quilt!)
    Love Glennas' fabrics!
    Jacque in SC

  10. Love these scrappy fabrics! Right now I'm really lingering over any 40s and 50s fabrics I see. I love the bright colors that make me laugh out loud. :) blessings, marlene

  11. I love your strawberry stitching, Jane! I'm the complete opposite of you. I really dislike the heat. Bring on fall! LOL!

  12. I love summer,...yes I do..especially this year...ohhh yes back to you...I am rather fancing your pips background this looks to me.. and of course your is that going?

  13. That is going to be SOOOO CUTE!!

    P.S. Your package went out in today's mail! Thanks my new friend!

  14. The strawberries and fabrics are incredible. As are you!

  15. Wonky stars are adorable! Great choices for the Strawberry block. Enjoy your favorite season, Jane :)


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