Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Economy Hits Again…

It is sad but another of our local quilt shops had to close their doors. The shop was Tammy Tadd Designs. She designs patters and has written books. I was lucky enough to live close to her store. But alas that stinky old economy reared its ugly head. Her doors are closing and everything; I mean everything in the store was for sale.
So, my friend Elaine and I headed out to hit the store when the doors opened. I did not expect to see such a crowd boy was I wrong.
I only had one thought on my mind, one thing I just HAD TO HAVE; when you made a purchase at her store you were allowed to grab a pink or green charm square as a thank you. Now, would those be for sale? I sooo wanted those.
It was wall to wall people. We decided not to wait in line for cut fabrics so I picked up a few things then got in line.
Lo and behold right there on the counter was a tray of the 5 X 5 squares. I said to my friend, “See, that is what I want. I wonder if they are for sale?” The two ladies in front of us head me, when the first lady went to check out she asked the clerk if they were for sale.
I have no idea what came over me, but in the ever most sweetest voice I could speak, I said,”Oh no, don’t you dare”. Yep right out of my mouth!! Me, yikes! She looked at me and said ”Oh, I was just asking for you”. She then proceeded to take her free ones and more on, really I tried to be kind, but the green eyed monster just came out from nowhere. The next lady knew better and did not say a word!
Finally mine turn, “Are these for sale?”, I asked. “Hmm, you would have to ask Tammy”, she said.” Well, I would hate to get out of line, could we just shout to her?” She asked, she looked, and she said $5.00!!

Mine all mine!!!

Yes the little green eyed monster won this time.
Look, I even got the tray……

I also picked up this darling suitcase set for $4.00

And some fabrics for 6.25 each!!

We had yet to get any cut fabric.
We went to breakfast and then returned and hour later to purchase fabric. The line wrapped around the store!! We would have to wait hours to get fabric cut and then paid for, no, went home, maybe we will come back other day.
After all we both got some great deals!!!


  1. Good on you.....I am glad you got them!

  2. Very sad about the shop. They had the cutest booth at the NQA show in Columbus one year. Love your goodies.

  3. I am so sad to hear about Tammy's shop! All the photos that I have ever seen have been wonderful. My kind of shop too.... you know we pink girls need to stick together. Pssst... I think I would l have done the same thing you did... LOL... SCORE!

  4. Nice haul! Sorry about the shop closing. I lost one near me too this year, yet another new shop is thriving. Go figure. I'm certainly noticing the higher cost of fabric....all the more reason that I'm thankful for a well stocked stash!

  5. You are just tooooo funny.....and well...a gal has to do what a gal has to do!!

  6. Sad to hear of another shop closing. Unfortunately, its just too hard for many of them to make a profit. Too bad all those crowds didn't frequent her shop more often so she didn't have to close!

  7. Looks like you won! so cute, all those bundles of fabric.
    So sorry to hear she had to close her shop. I had seen her at shows.

  8. That is too bad that another shop had to close.. darn economy! On the good side.. I always try to find the good side.. you sure got some great deals! Whooohooo! Love that pink and green fabrics.. so cute! I'd sure be tempted to go back during the week when there wasn't a mob and see what other goodies were to be had.

  9. Jane - I understand completely - if sometimes we would just stop thinking "out loud" so others would not take our glory. LoL I probably would have done the same thing as you. We have lost three stores around Raleigh over the past year. What's a girl to do? Judy C in NC

  10. Very sad indeed. There are no quilt shops left in my town. I can still drive about 45 minutes to find 4, but they are each in different directions (N, S, E, and W). I wonder how long they can hold out :-(

  11. Sadly I think this may be just the beginning Jane...around here we have had stores close their doors too...IN Canada it is even harder for them since they charge almost double per yd for fabric we can get from online stores like yours for 1/2 the cost.. adn I see you faired out pretty well...just love love love those pink bags...and what...new fabric...well the price was perfect...

  12. It is sad that the smaller shops have to close with his economy. I try to buy from my local ones. I do enjoy visiting a quilt shop and being able to talk with the ladies and show off what I am working on.


  13. It is sad that the shop had to close, but WOW! What a score!!! :-)) Good for you for giving the lady the 'stink eye'. LOL :-))

  14. I love this story. :) I hate when a quilt shop closes but if it has to close I love the deals you get. The suitcases are cute and wow..that fabric! Congratulations! blessings, marlene

  15. You found some amazing deals without having to wait for ever in line.

    Every once in awhile I surprise myself by doing something like that. I think it would have been very rude for that lady to try and buy those squares when she heard you talking about it.

    I'm still looking at those dots you bought for $6.25. I think I would have had to grab a couple. I love dots.

  16. Wow! You scored! So sad a quilt store is closing though :(

  17. I've heard of Tammy. That is too bad. Good for you though. How fun. They look like candy.


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