Wednesday, June 1, 2011


I am auditioning fabrics that I think might work with my strawberry basket stitchery table topper.

So, I have some fabrics pulled ,but not sure how I want to use them....

Option One

Option Two

Option Three

Here was the inspirational Card…

You can find the sketch here……

And please take a peek at Rebecca Barker’s site Quiltscapes. Her work is truly amazing!!

Any thoughts on what I should do??


  1. I like number two, more lighter colors bring out the yellows in the stitchery. Too much red dulls it down and darkens the overall look.


  2. I'm digging the all red. Don't know why, it (to me) lets the color of the stitchery show through. My eye would say that amidst the red, "cool, some hand embroidery!"

    Not that my eye talks... At least I don't think so....

  3. I like option 3

    love the basket!

  4. Jane I like them all but I think Option Two is my fave...I like the mix of yellow in there. Did I mention that yellow is my favorite color? :) blessings, marlene

  5. Option two is my favorite also. The other two seem a little strong for the embroidery. I also like yellow!

  6. well you know I already thought 2 and told you didn't I? lol. well 2 it is because I think it will show off your berry flowers and I like yellow/buttercream...yep I do...

  7. I personally like option 1. The fact that the fabrics are all reds brings out the other colours in the stitchery

  8. it's going to be georgeous Jane...I like option 2..
    Julia ♥

  9. 2...two...number number 2...

  10. Two!! I love it.. it has that hint of yellow in there... but I don't care for that large print on top of choice 3..

  11. Although I love the reds in #1, for this project I would choose #2 which is lighter and not so bold. Just sayn'


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