Friday, May 20, 2011


Oh Goodness even before I start this post, I want to set the record straight!!
This is not a tutorial!!
I just thought you might like to take a ride with me and see how my mind works as I progress on a project.
Warning, my mind works in very strange ways!!

I first showed you these fabrics….
They are 8 ½ inch squares.

I drew a line done the middle of the white squares

Next I placed a white and a dot fabric right sides together.

Sewed a quarter of an inch on each side of the line.

Cut on the line, ironed.

I now have a pile of these….

SEW far Sew good!!!!

I hope you have a weekend full of happiness!


  1. Looking forward to what comes next Jane:)

  2. Hmmmm.... looks fun... I'm with you so far...

  3. I like how your mind works and I love love those dots.

  4. This will be a really pretty quilt! I love the colors.

  5. Okay I can hardly wait to see what you do with these! :) blessings, marlene

  6. What you mean this is not a looks like a Tut, there are pics like a tut, a how to for a must be a tut....
    YOu are a that even a word?

    ps. I like dots too..yes I do ..

  7. I sure love what you have done so far... can't wait to see what this becomes! LOVE the dots and the colors.

  8. You say that is not a tut
    but I'm going to follow your tut LOL
    Why? cause I totally love dots and your pictures and directions are too great to not to follow
    Have a great day


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