Monday, May 16, 2011

Hot Diggity Dog!!!!!

Now, I know this may not mean a lot to some of you but to me, WOW!!
I just made my last school lunch for the year!!!
My daughter has finals Tuesday through Friday and then I get to have her home for the summer!!
She will be a sophomore in High School next year. I realize how fast times flies and I am so glad I can spend so much time with her!

Happy sewing today!

and a Happy Birthday to my ever kind and oh so patient husband!


  1. Happiest birthday wishes to your husband! Yay for your last school lunch!! Totally get it :) I just went in to ensure my "baby" was covered in bed before turning in and she's not so very little any more ... my 6 yr old, who's almost 7 is nearly 4 ft 6 in ... my kindergartener is growing up way too fast ... I wish you all kinds of happy moments with your daughter, Jane!!

  2. Wow, we still have about a month of school left! More lunches for me and then a Senior and a Junior... My are they getting old... Not me!

  3. I used to feel the same way and I was a teacher! I loved having my boys home for the summer. We could make so many plans and even if we didn't get to dothem all, we had the freedom to if we wanted to.

  4. It is a big deal...even with 5 kids...I always looked forward to the summers...more relaxing, less regimented. They SURE do grow fast. My youngest (she hates to be called "the baby") is 23!


  5. I remember thinking the same thing when my youngest graduated from highschool. And no more parent teacher conferences either!

  6. I second Glenna's YAY!!!!!!!

  7. I remember the school lunch days but not with fondness. :) These days I make myself a sack lunch sometimes when I'm attending a quilting event and I don't like it any better than I did when the kids were small! blessings, marlene

  8. I know it will be fun to have her home, I always loved having my sons home for the summer.


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