Saturday, May 28, 2011

I knew this was happening…

I knew we were commemorating the sesquicentennial of the Civil War...
BUT...I did not see this blog until a dear friend brought it to my attention.
Barbara Brackman’s Blog is honoring the Civil War with not only a block a week but stories about the war.

ME, a big History lover, did not see this!!!

So, it is week 22 but all the weeks are posted and we can catch up, if we want!
She is also sharing this button for your blog.

Is it just me?
Have you seen this?
Are you making these blocks?
Inquiring minds would love to know!!

Have a happy long weekend!

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  1. I saw it and well....I am such a slacker....I hardly finish the BOM I does look interesting and fun.

  2. Yes - I have been following since the beginning. We are Windham fabric country here - so a lot of our quilt guild are doing these blocks in Windhams' historic fabrics.

  3. I started making them but am behnd but hope to catch up over the summer. I look forward to every Sat morninhg when the new one is posted.

  4. Thanks Jane you dear girl... you are my hero! The Civil War is one of my favorite times in history and... of course... Civil War fabrics are my favorite!
    I love knowing about this and will get over to
    Barbara Brackman’s Blog right away!
    Have a great Memorial Weekend!!!

  5. i'm behind too. so you can probably get caught up before me.

  6. I'm printing off all the patterns but have only made four so far Jane - I keep telling myself to catch up but that may be a while. At least I've got the patterns and can do it later! blessings, marlene

  7. Hi Jane
    Thank you for the link, I will go and take a look
    I been following Kathleen Tracys's blog
    since she was featured in Stash Manicure
    I'm also a history lover and one of my favorite books is Remember Me - women and their friendship quilts by Linda Otto Lypsette
    a excellent book with great stories and patterns too
    Have a nice Memorial Day Weekend

  8. I saw it and forgot all about it, she does have some wonderful blocks and history, well worth reading about.


  9. I saw it right at the beginning of the year and have mostly been keeping up. I seem to have fallen into a pattern of doing them every two weeks rather than every week.

    I find the stories really interesting because I don't really know anything about the American civil war except that it was to do with slavery! I come from a generation of Australian kids who weren't really taught history. I don't even know that much history about my own country!

    Instead of using reproduction fabrics, or picking a colour theme for the quilt, I've been using fabric from the project I was working on that week. So by the end of the year I'll have a very mixed bag of blocks but if I put them into one quilt it will be somewhat of an album quilt for the whole year.

  10. Jane, I so surprised you did not know about this..It's been on my blog too!
    Lovely way to do a CW quilt...I'm nearly caught up...are you joining in?
    Julia ♥

  11. How cool. I used to follow Barbara but I am not really one that does much traditional or vintage, but surprisingly I love history and it is my favorite subject to homeschool my kids. I think we need to start on this right away. We've catchin' up to do!

  12. Yep, I am caught up with all of mine so far. Some of the beginning ones were a bit of a challenge, but the later ones seem to be easier. I just love the stories each week.


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