Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Where in the world is spring? It sure is not here in the Chicagoland area! We had light snow over the weekend and thunderstorms today.
This Mom, put on multiple layers of clothes and brought blankets for the girls and went to watch my daughter play softball. Come on, softball in the 30’s!!! Oh, what we do for the ones we love!!

Not too much sewing goes on during softball season but I do have a few books I would love to share with you.

A few weeks ago I asked for help on deciding what to quilt in the sashing of my 9 patch quilt. I received many wonderful ideas. Then to make my decision even harder, I found this book;

501 Quilting Motifs Now what am I going to do?!!!!

Let’s take a peek inside:

Look at this heart border…..

This to fill in a large square…

Look at the options!

And the Christmas Lights, what a border that would make!!

You can find it here along with many other great books.

Another book I love is Doodle Stitching by Aimee Ray.

I also enjoy embroidery. This has so many wonderful designs and even comes with a CD!!
Take a peek in this book:

A beautiful Alphabet

Here is Aimee's blog, enjoy!!

One more book to share with you today. This one will take longer to read…
Oh so many years ago Jean Auel started the Earth Children’s Series, her first book Clan of the Cave Bear (1980) grabbed me at the first page! Now she has (after 9 years) released the last in the series!! The Land of Painted Caves, I am thrilled, all her books are 700-900 pages long. I love long books! However thank Heavens for my kindle for 700+ pages makes for a heavy book!

Do something calming today!


  1. I know what you mean about spring. The average temp here is the upper 50's and instead of that we are getting snow and 30's. I think Easter being so late won't make a difference weather wise when it is in early march. Thanks for the books, I will check them out.

  2. I have gotten those books from our library, love to find new quilting designs that I can try out. I have not read Jean's books yet, but plan to. I have been reading the Gear's books, love historical fiction like that.


  3. What great books! I'll have to check them out.
    It was 93 degrees here yesterday! We need rain desperately. So far, no grass fires near us, but the grass is really dry. (I'm in South Texas.) Today is in the 70's, so we've had a "cold front".
    I can't even imagine snow this time of year.

  4. I have missed you, so glad you are back!

  5. well it is not in Canada either...we had hail and snow...goodness knows I love winter, but even I have limits...maybe I will start stitching sunshine and flowers in my windows...ahhh some of those motifs might work too lol

  6. Good to see you back Jane ..
    and we're waiting for Autumn and some rain.
    Great books full of ideas..
    Julia ♥

  7. Now I could get into 501 Quilting motifs. What a wealth of inspiration!

  8. I really like the doodle book! Even tho, I don't really do hand embroidery...The designs might transfer nicely for quilt label designs. How do you do your quilt designs on your blocks? Do you use a special pencil? or other?
    Missed you while you were gone from "blogland"


  9. Spring scares me. A tornado went over my house tonight...I sat in the bathroom for a while stitching on my embroidery. :) All is well now though over 40,000 in Arkansas are without power and there are many trees down. Thanks for posting about these books - I'll add them to my shopping list. blessings, marlene

  10. I didn't know Aimee had a blog! thanks so much for sharing. I love her books.

  11. Hi Jane, keep warm! I hope you have springy weather soon. Not fun to stll have snow. Those quilting and doodling books seem to be full of great designs. Thank you for sharing :)

  12. So many inspiring ideas in those books....I do love that heart design. Here in California our Spring keeps dodging in and out...very strange!

  13. There are lots of flowers blooming here on the west coast of Vancouver Island, but it is still cold and we've had frost every night for the past week. Too cold to put out any seedlings or annuals. I just bought the Jean Auel book and have started reading it. I think a Kindle is the answer though, because this book is heeeavy! Love the heart border. It would be perfect on your quilt.

  14. I'm quite interested in that doodle book stitching...that is right up my alley! I'm like Marlene in that here in the deep south, Alabama, we have had tornadoes and strong thunderstorms with straight line winds. However, it is much warmer here than in your neck of the woods. I dread the 100 degree summer weather so I'm not going to complain about cool spring weather.
    As for a Kindle, I can't give in yet. I like the feel of a book but I'm sure I'll surrender as tme goes by.
    Gmama Jane

  15. Really Cute. I've seen the doodle stitching around. It looks fun.

  16. I have that book and just ADORE it!! Aimee is so creative!


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