Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Bee Blocks.....

I am lucky enough to be in two hives for the 3 X 6 Bee. I am a "caretaker" for one and a “worker bee” for a second. I was able to complete 6 blocks for one hive.

She asked for purple, aqua, yellow

Asked for citrus colors, yellow, green, orange

Asked for green, blue, gray

Asked for blue, yellow, gray

Asked for pink, red, aqua

Asked for aqua, orange, white

Here is group one!! On to group two!!!

I asked for aqua, red and white, I am looking forward to seeing what I will receive.
Have a great day!!


  1. What great blocks!! I love this simple design! I can't wait to see what you get in return!

  2. would you call these wonky? ...colorful yes...

  3. Great job Jane! I'm always a fan of string blocks and I love the way you added borders around these. The first one is my favorite.

  4. the blocks are so fun! i never tire of seeing the same blocks done in different colors. so inspiring!

  5. They are really great. Modern and wonderful.

  6. Beautiful array of colors. very strinking and cute :)

  7. Your blocks look great. All the blocks in the 3X6 bees are so different... nothing ordinary about them!

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    ¡they are beautiful!
    have a good day
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