Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Sitting with an old friend.....

I am not sure how all quilters work but I always have projects in different stages around my sewing room.
One that is in the process of picking fabrics.
One that is waiting to be cut.
One ready to be pieced.
One ready to baste.
One as a take along project.
One to quilt.
And one to bind. (that pile tends to build up)!

Today it is dreary outside so I thought I would sit and hand quilt for awhile. I have shown this nine patch before but I have decided what I want to do with the sashing.

Now that I have been introduced to Presencia Threads (shameless plug) I decided a beautiful shade of pink would make a pretty design. I now have to decide what I want to quilt, lines, no, circles, no, maybe a vine with some leaves here and there.

Any ideas you could share?

I would love to hear them!

Happy sewing!


  1. I *love* Presencia's 60 wt thread for piecing. makes a nice, crisp seam with no rolling.

    Of to Cincy's quilt show tomorrow!

  2. Great quilt Jane....scrappy and vintage favorite! What a gem you will have when all is finished quilted!!!

  3. Very pretty quilt and pink thread! How about quilting a little zig-zag? Like rick-rack.. Have fun!

  4. Oh, the rick-rack zig-zag is a good idea. Or how about tendrils like in the pink fabric in one of the blocks? Or maybe wavy line - cherries - wavy line - cherries etc. (I know, I'm a little strange sometimes, but it looks pretty the way I'M visualizing it.)

  5. Something freehand, fun...
    Ive enjoyed catching up on your blog. Your quilts are so beautiful!!!

  6. imho...with a geometric quilt pattern...curves of some kind would be nice...=)


  7. That quilt is a beauty....think I need to pick up some of that thread. I know this is a simple quilting idea, but I love cross hatching!

  8. I love nine patch. this one looks retro. the thread is also at my quilting shop.

  9. I love the simplicity of a 9-patch. Great colors pop with the use of the white sashing. I love presencia thread. I'm currently hand quilting a project using it and love the quality and color choices.

  10. Hey Jane! You know the ric-rac quilting stitch would echo some of your fabric pattern and would be quite nice .... you could always quilt ric rac type lines put a gap stitch a cherry-form and then put another gap and continue on with the ric-rac line. Can't wait to see what you come up with !!


I always love to hear your thoughts!